Trash Pickup Services in Murphy NC and Cherokee County NC

Trash BagTrash service is a must in life. It’s often not viewed as a utility, but the fact is it is just as imperative as your phone. You have several options to get rid of the trash from your home here in Murphy NC.

  1. Take the trash off on your own. Want to do this? Learn more and gets post of trash drop off locations in Cherokee County by clicking this link.
  2. If you own in the Murphy City Limits, trash service is included in your town taxes. Call Murphy City Hall to line up service at 828-837-2510.
  3. Hire a trash company to pick your trash up for your house.

This post is geared toward the last option. I find this option the best choice and pay for a local company to pick up my trash each week so I don’t have to. As of this writing, it only costs me $18 per month! That’s truly a no brainer for us when we factor in gas and time to haul it off on our own.

Trash service is available in most every area of the county. There are several vendors who provide this service. If you want to find some good companies, visit our Gotta Guy List of Recommended Contractors. Scroll down to Trash Service. That’ll get you squared away! 🙂

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