Trash Pickup Services in Murphy NC and Cherokee County NC

Trash BagTrash service is a must in life. It’s often not viewed as a utility, but the fact is it is just as imperative as your phone. You have several options to get rid of the trash from your home here in Murphy NC.

  1. Take the trash off on your own. Want to do this? Learn more and gets post of trash drop off locations in Cherokee County by clicking this link.
  2. If you own in the Murphy City Limits, trash service is included in your town taxes. Call Murphy City Hall to line up service at 828-837-2510.
  3. Hire a trash company to pick your trash up for your house.

This post is geared toward the last option. I find this option the best choice and pay for a local company to pick up my trash each week so I don’t have to. As of this writing, it only costs me $18 per month! That’s truly a no brainer for us when we factor in gas and time to haul it off on our own.

Trash service is available in most every area of the county. There are several vendors who provide this service. If you want to find some good companies, visit our Gotta Guy List of Recommended Contractors. Scroll down to Trash Service. That’ll get you squared away! 🙂

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Where do I take my trash to in Murphy NC and Cherokee County?

Trash disposal is a must no matter whether your are in Murphy NC, Cherokee County, or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter! We get this questions often, so to help make life easier on you, here’s a map provided by the Cherokee County Mapping Department we wanted to share with you. Click the below link to download the map from our Drive.

The map will should you the location of the sites. The landfill is located in Marble, NC. There are several trash sites in Hanging Dog, Granny Squirrel, Peachtree, Martins Creek, Caney Creek, and the Mountain Folk Center.

We hope this information helps!

Cherokee County Trash Disposal Site Map

The Poltrock Team – REMAX of Murphy NC – – Call us Toll Free at 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496 – Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team

The Big Sweep – A Lake Hiwassee Cleanup in Murphy NC

Lake Hiwassee is a gorgeous resource here in Murphy, and I find myself writing about it often in many different articles. A week ago today was the annual Big Sweep. It’s an arranged group of folks who spend at least half their Saturday on Lake Hiwassee cleaning up trash in different coves. Jessica and I did it, and I have to admit, it was a lot of fun! We even did it on our canoe, so we paddled the whole way! It was a bit more work, but I have to admit, it got us to places where larger boats would’ve had trouble and was fun.

It was organized by Silas Allen, our very own head of the Cherokee Building Department, and Susan Hersh (who I might add is the “face” of the Building Department as you always see her running the show when you go in 🙂 ) It takes ton of preparation and organization, and thanks to them, the turnout was great. There were roughly 130 volunteers, 20 boats, and an estimated 20,000 pounds of trash taken from the shores of the lake. This year’s focus was right around Bear Paw. It was such a great event – it was on the front Page of this week’s Cherokee Scout newspaper.

The majority of the trash come from the rivers, creeks, and streams that are tributaries to Lake Hiwassee. It’ll come from someone’s yard and eventually end up in Lake Hiwassee. We found lots of things in the lake such as tennis balls, countless plastic bottles, Skoal cans, tires, coolers, televisions, and tons more. It’s amazing how many things end up in the lake, and it was nice to know we were able to make a difference.