Poltrock Team1.  The #1 Team In Murphy

The Poltrock Team is Murphy’s top selling Real Estate Team. We achieve great results because John Poltrock is backed by an incredible team.

2. Team Of Unparalleled Professionals Working For You

When you bring The Poltrock Team on board as your listing broker, you’re also bringing on the entire support team of seasoned professionals. And when we say “professionals,” that’s exactly what we mean. These are individuals who have years of experience in the real estate market. They work with John to provide you and your property the detailed attention that you simply don’t receive from an average listing agent. As a result, John and his team streamline the selling process and maximize your payday!

3. Selling Homes is What We Do

Selling homes is what we do…and what we’ve done successfully for more than 42 accumulative years. Think about it: If you had to have heart surgery, would you rather have a surgeon who performs 12 procedures a year, or 50? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? The same goes for choosing a listing agent. Your home is one of the most significant investments you have. And that’s why you should only trust a highly-qualified and experienced listing agent to sell it for you. If you want the best results, choose the best agent in the industry.

4. Backed By RE/MAX – The Largest Real Estate Company in the World

The company an agent works for really does matter. Supported by the most extensive relocation network in the United States and worldwide, the highest ranking real estate company website in the world (www.remax.com), the most national TV and print advertising done by any real estate company and worldwide name recognition, John’s team has all the tools they need to sell your home quickly and profitably.

5. Potential Buyers BEFORE the “For Sale” Sign Is Ever Placed In Your Front Yard

With an average of 30-45 listings at any one time, John and his team are constantly talking with buyers locally and nationally—many of whom are well-qualified prospects for you. As a result, your chances of selling at the top price are enhanced exponentially! Many times, relocating families are months and even years away from their final move to Murphy.

6. Avoid the Selling Process Pitfalls

John and his team know how to successfully navigate around the obstacles that might arise during the selling process. They know the right questions to ask before the selling process even begins, so they can also help you avoid such pitfalls altogether. Enforceable contracts, earnest money and litigation issues are handled best by a professional that’s “been there and done that.”