Realtors are Your Local Referral Database

Realtors are an excellent way to not only buy homes or land, but to find out who the best sub contractors, vendors, stores, shops, dealers, and any other place to buy “Stuff” and services. This is very often taken for granted, and if you merely ask, you will receive.

For example, I can tell you the best grocery stores in Murphy. I know where to buy meat and where not to. Need a lawn service? How about a contractor to build a house? Garage? Best place to buy a washer? What about the best burger joint in town (and no, McDonald’s doesn’t count.)? What school district would you trust with your kids? You name it… we know it or can find out.

I can send you to the right person just about every time when you’re looking for something in Murphy, North Carolina. Cherokee County is a big place, and so is every other county. No matter where you’re at… save yourself the trouble… ask a Realtor.

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