The Mountains of Murphy NC Never Become Normal

We just arrived home yesterday from a very short vacation trip to Pensacola FL. Jessica has some family down there, so we snuck away to go visit them and take some R&R time 🙂

While we were visiting, one of Jessica’s family members made the comment that they rarely go to the beach – maybe a few times a year. It amazes me they’ve lived their for decades, yet they rarely go to the most coveted land mark in their area.

I’ve heard this same comment from our clients in the past who say they live a short drive to the beach yet never go. It’s almost as if it grows old and normal. I must admit I’m glad that living in the mountains of Murphy NC never grows old.

The mountains and the gorgeous scenery they create becomes part of you. You simply don’t grow tired of them! Their beauty is something you constantly can enjoy – your mountain view, your creek, your lake, the mountains as you drive home – you name it. It’s inspiring and I’m proud to know we live where you never grow weary of your greatest surroundings.

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