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John Poltrock and his team at ReMax in Murphy, NC were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They kept us constantly informed on their efforts to sell our vacation house. Within only three months after listing with John, we signed a contract to sell.

After signing the contract, there were several things that needed to be done to the house to meet the seller’s requirements. Because we live hundreds of miles away, this could have been difficult for us. However, The Poltrock Team completely relieved us of that burden. Whatever needed to be done – they did, cheerfully and efficiently.

Here is the best example of that. After we closed on the sale in Murphy, we were driving back to our home in Florida. While underway, we called Dish Network to discontinue our service. We found out that we were required to box up the TV receiver and other components, and ship them back to Dish.

However, we were well away from Murphy, and the new owners were already moving in. It could have posed a serious dilemma for us, but it was no problem for John. We called John, and informed him of the situation. Remember, we had already closed on the house, and John’s formal responsibilities could have ended there.

But John is not that kind of person. He quickly said “Have them (Dish) send the return box to me, and I will box things up and send them back.” Another problem solved quickly, cheerfully, and efficiently.

Thank you, John, and your staff!

— Rob & Carol Johnstone

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The Mountains of Murphy NC Never Become Normal

We just arrived home yesterday from a very short vacation trip to Pensacola FL. Jessica has some family down there, so we snuck away to go visit them and take some R&R time 🙂

While we were visiting, one of Jessica’s family members made the comment that they rarely go to the beach – maybe a few times a year. It amazes me they’ve lived their for decades, yet they rarely go to the most coveted land mark in their area.

I’ve heard this same comment from our clients in the past who say they live a short drive to the beach yet never go. It’s almost as if it grows old and normal. I must admit I’m glad that living in the mountains of Murphy NC never grows old.

The mountains and the gorgeous scenery they create becomes part of you. You simply don’t grow tired of them! Their beauty is something you constantly can enjoy – your mountain view, your creek, your lake, the mountains as you drive home – you name it. It’s inspiring and I’m proud to know we live where you never grow weary of your greatest surroundings.

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Boat Marinas in Murphy NC on Lake Hiwassee

Mountain View Marina in Bear Paw Resort

Now that Lake Hiwassee is full of water and the weather in Murphy NC is really getting nice and warm, now is the time to be enjoying the lake! To help with that, we are fortunate to have several good boat marinas here in Murphy. Most of them are smaller, local family operations – which makes them a great place to do business!

Be sure to click the link on the name of the marina as we put more information available on them.

  • Duke’s Marina – 828-835-3332 – Located in Hanging Dog off of Joe Brown Highway, you’ll find Duke’s after you go a little ways past the Hanging Dog Forest Service Campground and Boat Ramp. They offer a boat launch, fuel, pontoon boat rentals, fishing supplies, slips, and more.
  • Shook’s Marina – 828-837-2863 – Located in the Unaka area of Hanging Dog, Shook’s offers boat slips, boat rentals, gas, food, fishing supplies, and more.
  • Mountain View Marina (in Bear Paw Resort) – 828-644-5451 – this nice marina is situated right in the heart of Bear Paw in the Hiwassee Dam Community of Murphy (west side of Lake Hiwassee). They offer boat rentals, slips, fuel, a marina store, and more.
  • Harbor Cove Marina – 828-644-0661 – Located just before you get to Bear Paw in Hiwassee Dam. They have slips, fuel, and more.

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Where You Can Expect Your Best Return on Investment in Murphy NC Mountain Real Estate

I’ve been working with a couple today who first called me on Lake Homes and Lots then did a total switch up on me. We ended up looking at homes with a great mountain view, and they now have two choices they really like. One in Hibberts Mountain and the other in Indian Rock Springs.

Anyway, I digress before I even get started. In speaking with them, it brought me to a great point which I have been relaying to my customers for some time. There are three types of properties in Murphy that have an exceptional appreciation rate and do well historically. The three types are: 1) Lakefront 2) Mountain View 3) Water front – i.e. creek, branch, and river frontage.

Lakefront – As with many markets all over the U.S., it’s a great investment and property you can enjoy simply by being on the water. Here in our area, there’s several differently lakes to enjoy. Lake Hiwassee (you’ll see some misspellings, Hiawassee is a common one), Appalachia, Lake Chatuge, Blue Ridge, Nottley, Nantahala, and Santeelah are some of the the lakes people enjoy here in the North Carolina Mountains. I’ll go more in depth on some of these in a later blog.

Mountain View – Just like the quality of anything you can buy, mountain views vary. You could have a little glimpse of a mountain or one where someone else’s trees could grow and block your view. The best views are generally considered multiple layers of mountains where you control the views – in other words, you can cut trees or whatever is in your way because you own the property in front of you where the trees could grow up. Close up mountains are also great, depending on the ridge line and other factors.

Water Front – Think varying ranges of moving water here. A "branch" is the smallest, usually considered to be 4-6 inches at most. Over 4-6" would be considered a creek and can get several feet wide. Rivers are, well, rivers. In Murphy, we have three main rivers: Hiwassee, Nottley, and Valley. All of which are beautiful and quite clean and clear water.

These are great investments for the long term and in some cases, the short term. It’s quite common to see double digit returns on these properties (annually). If you love the water or mountain views, fear not! Your purchase today can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment, or at the least, a better return on your money than you can find in any CD.

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