The Bi-Weekly SOLD Murphy NC Real Estate Update

Happy Post-Saint Patty’s Day!! The weekend is almost here and the weather is GORGEOUS in Murphy! Nice and sunny in the 60’s is a great reason to get outside.


Real Estate is producing a sale a day on average (factoring homes and land both), which is not to shabby! The market is slower right now with 30 sales in the past month compared to 39 sales per month last year. The difference is not in homes – they’re still extremely comparable to last years. Land is what’s making the difference. Sales are down to around half of what they normally are. Buyers are beginning to call and see land, which is exciting! Land has so many great investments out there right now, it’s time for buyers to begin seeing the opportunities that are in front of them.


Historically, sales pick back up and our “season” begins when Spring Break starts, which we’ve only got 3 more weeks till that hits!


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