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Murphy NC Real Estate Market 2013 SOLD Update and Market Statistics

It’s official! I have completed the Murphy NC Real Estate Market Statistics for 2013, we have some great information to share with you! The market showing signs of healing and there’s good news abroad. We send out our SOLD Real Estate Update every 3 months, so be sure to join our update for this information, exclusive market research, and all the SOLD real estate for that quarter – including pictures, prices, and more!

REMAX Number 1 LogoRecent Murphy Area Statistics courtesy of Phyllis Blackmon of the Cherokee County NC Chamber of Commerce:

•$35.3 Million were spent in Cherokee County by tourists in 2013. That’s up 4.2% from 2012.

•Those dollars are directly responsible for approximately 290 jobs.

•Where did they come from? Great question! Based on Chamber of Commerce records:

•37% are from FL

•13% come from GA

•7% come from NC (outside of Cherokee County)

•3% from AL

•2% from foreign countries

•October is the most recent published unemployment numbers and it is down to 9.5%. That is down substantially from a high of more than 16%.

In the real estate world, 2013 provided the best market we’ve seen since the “boom.” 449 homes sold in 2013, which is 30.9% more than 2012, 53.2% more than 2011, and 61.5% more than 2010. That is huge improvements! You’ll see the figures and sales in the attached chart which includes monthly sales and a chart so you can see activity by each month. It’s a great way to notice trends of which months are busiest. Bear in mind the activity reflects contracts from 30 days earlier. So a closing in March most likely originated from February and so on.

You’ll also notice little change in the average price of houses that are selling. This chart indicates the price point of the average buyer is purchasing at. Even though this number continues to stay at the same levels, we’ve noticed substantially more home sales in most every price point of the market place, including the $200,000+ range. That particular segment of the market struggled for several years to have sales of any volume and we have seen more than in any year since about 2008/09. That’s great! And one question that always still looms is regarding foreclosures. There are still foreclosures in the marketplace, and they currently make up only 17.7% of house sales. The rest are traditional folks selling their property.

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Land sales continue to remain on par with what they have for a number of years now. Each quarter average between 9-14 sales per month while inventory remains high approaching 800 parcels available for sale. Even at that, inventory has reduced substantially from a high of 2,701 parcels in Q3 of 2008. As time moves on, this market will rebound especially as house prices recover/rise or if available inventory isn’t desired and building becomes even more attractive.

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Status of RE/MAX Mountain Properties and The Poltrock Team 

It’s been an exciting year at RE/MAX! We’ve had several developments over the year. Here’s some great facts:

•RE/MAX Sold 310 transactions making up 35.47% of the local real estate market! That’s way more than any other company. See REMAX Market Share Report 2013 for more details.

•The Poltrock Team sold 91 transactions in 2013, 71 in 2012, 64 in 2011, and 59 in 2010. That’s impressive considering the average Realtor closes only 12.

•We recently welcomed Donna Srabian as The Poltrock Team’s Buyer Specialist. She works only with buyers to focus on selling your property! She’s excellent.

•Want to hear what folks are saying about us? Check out our Testimonials.

We very much appreciate your business and thank you for the opportunity to work for you. If you are considering selling your property and would like to know what the impact of today’s market is on your specific property, contact us today! I hope you’ve enjoyed our SOLD Real Estate Update and don’t forget to subscribe to our update to receive our EXCLUSIVE market statistics too!

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Search for Real Estate for Sale in Murphy NC and Get the Most Accurate Results

When you search for real estate for sale in Murphy NC as a generic search in Google, you often times get a national list of real estate websites. The common ones you commonly see first is and However, those are far from the best. Nothing can be more frustrating for a buyer than when they’re looking at a home online, call on it for more details, and find it has been sold or is no longer available – and it happens all the time!

We knew those searches often had bad data available on them. This weekend, I was reading one of our real estate trade magazines and came across some interesting statistics on those websites I wanted to share with you. It said:

The WAV [Group in Seattle] study found local brokerage sites display 100 percent of agent-listed homes for sale, compared to about 80 percent for third-party aggregators Trulia and Zillow. Local sites also show newly listed homes for sale seven to nine days earlier than national portals, and, unless there’s a glitch, local sites almost never list a home as ‘active’ once it has been sold. Some 36 percent of listings that appear as active on the national portals are no longer for sale, the WAV study showed.

What’s the best way to search for real estate?? Using our direct MLS feed search! It’s available on both our websites and you can click below to access them anytime! It’s the same direct feed we use so you know the information is real time as possible. Be sure to book mark these pages and use them to search for land and homes for sale in Murphy NC.

Search for Homes and Land for Sale in Murphy NC

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Highland Creek Subdivision in Murphy NC – A Great Place for Homes and Land!

Highland Creek Subdivision is one of the newest, most recent, and most successful communities in Murphy, NC. It is extremely well located and is nestled right between the communities of Peachtree, Brasstown, Martins Creek, and Murphy NC. It is well known for having cabin styled homes and chalets.

Like many of the nicest subdivisions in Cherokee County, Highland Creek features paved roads, shared wells so you don’t have to drill a well, underground utilities, and much more. Not only that, it has the allure of stunning mountain views, creeks, and even frontage on the Hiwassee River.

Highland Creek is Home to Some AMAZING Long Range Mountain Views

Because of its location, it has great access to everything Murphy has to offer. The Cherokee Hills Golf Course is practically next door, the “new” 64 road is just a leap away, Murphy Medical Center (the hospital), Brasstown, the John C. Campbell Folk School, Cherokee Hills Golf Course, and so much more. Since 64 is close, you can be to downtown in 5 minutes and all the Things to Do in Murphy NC

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Need to sell your property in Highland Creek?

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Want to buy property in Highland Creek?

Highland Creek has a wide variety of gorgeous homes.

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Taxes and Insurance Costs in Murphy NC


We thought it might be helpful for you to know a little bit about real estate insurance in Murphy, NC. Insurance is something most everyone has to deal with and plan for no matter where you live, and we commonly hear of insurance rates in the thousands of dollars in other places around the U.S. – and thankfully my bill is not like that!

When you buy a home, did you know the rate is very commonly around a mere $600-$900 for a year?! You can’t beat that for coverage. Of course that can change depending on the size, type, and other factors of your home, but as a general rule, that’s a great place to benchmark yourself for planning purposes. I only pay $650 per year for my home! 😀

Did you know that if you buy a piece of land, you most likely don’t need to insure it at all? You probably should double check with your insurance agent to make sure of this on your policy, but your current homeowner’s policy covers any liability you might have with vacant land. That means you’ve got no additional cost there!

If you’re looking to buy a home, you may or may not be considering renting it out. If that’s the case and you would like to rent it out as a full time rental or vacation rental, be sure your insurance is right. Some of our local insurance agents can find and rental rider that’s included at no charge or very inexpensively!


When  it comes to land, it’s an extremely affordable tax bill. The tax bill is commonly around $50-$150 for an average 1-2 acre parcel and can be higher for a more expensive or desirable parcel. Large tracts vary and its best to research them on a per parcel basis.

In regards to homes, a cabin or chalet yearly tax bill is around $700-$900. A nice home assessed at $300,000 is right around $1,350, so it’s not too bad! 🙂

Tax Rate – The current tax rate is $0.385 per $100 of assessed value. Assessed value is currently higher than market value on most homes by 20-30%.

We’re really blessed with fair taxes that aren’t outrageous compared to so many other areas in the country!

New Update for August 2013: 3 Great Reasons to Retire and Live in North Carolina


Will my tax bill change when I purchase a property in Cherokee County? No, generally not. Taxes here are based on “bulk appraisals” that are assigned roughly every 4 years. Your purchase will have a small bearing as to a future assessment but won’t directly change your tax assessment.

Is there a homestead exemption? No. Cherokee County assesses equally amongst everyone generally keeping all taxes lower.

Why are taxes lower in Murphy NC/Cherokee County than where I live? Although I can’t directly answer that, I do find that most people I’ve spoken with that have higher taxes often live in cities or close to them that have more “infrastructure” and “programs.” Things like garbage pickup all the way to big public works projects that cost money to operate and can attribute to higher taxes.

Is there a separate school tax? No, there is not.

Who do you recommend for insurance coverage? Easy! Check out our Gotta Guy List for great insurance agents you can work with here locally.

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After many recommendations from our clients, we have found a way to make your search for real estate for sale in Murphy NC better! You can now search the entire MLS for FREE with no sign up required. Now that, we’ve always had. Here’s features our new SUPER ROBUST search engine!

  • Get EVERY picture available of homes, land, and commercial real estate for sale! Before, there was one. Now, there are many!
  • You can still search by the standards: MLS number, List Price, Bedrooms, and Baths
  • Now Search by the size of the land
  • Search by the area – yup! Just like we do! You can narrow it down to Ranger, Bellview, Unaka, Andrews, you name it.
  • Search by frontage – creek, river, lake front, all that good stuff!
  • Find homes by the Subdivision – now where else can you do that?!?
  • Search by the County
  • Search by the Zip Code
  • and to one up it, SAVE your search and your FAVORITE listings! If you build an account, you can do it all and even set yourself to receive automatic notifications. How cool is that!?

So start searching your way and enjoy this great new system! We still welcome feedback as we continually improve our online resources for you to find and buy real estate in the mountains of Murphy NC.

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Early April Murphy NC Real Estate Market Update

Good afternoon! If you’re not in Murphy right now, you’re missing out on TONS of rain! It’s coming down by the bucket full!

March proved itself by being a great real estate month! 25 homes sold in March – surpassing every month so far this year. There’s lots of activity on the ground and lots of agents are showing. Many of our properties have been getting a great level of showings and we have quite a few of them under contract. The market has 44 homes pending sale – many of which will close this April.

I just finished publishing our Exclusive Market Absorption Report, and to get your copy, you have to be a subscriber to our Murphy NC Real Estate Update! Email me now to join! You can see trends, pricing tiers, and activity on each. Months supply indicates how many months it will take to sell the current inventory at the current selling volume. Generally, anything less than 12 months indicates a seller’s market and anything greater than 12 months is a buyer’s market.

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We’re finding this to be a great time to sell – believe it or not! There’s been more activity this year – and we are surpassing 2008 & 2009’s second quarter results already! 2008 averaged only 18 homes per month and 2009 average 21 homes per quarter – that’s a 19% improved over ’09 and a staggering 39% improvement over 2008! Buyer confidence is up and people are itching to buy!

There are still a lot of foreclosures in the process that are “shadow inventory” which are scheduled to come on the market in the future. Foreclosures, short sales, and other economical drivers are pushing prices down as illustrated below:

Average Selling Price

  • Q1 2009 – $165,888
  • Q2 2009 – $157,442
  • Q3 2009 – $161,964
  • Q4 2009 – $147,195
  • Q1 2010 – $132,809

Likely over this year, we will continue to see a slight decline in prices unless volume of transactions increases tremendously, which is possible! I’m finding in many cases its far better to go ahead and sell properties while they are worth more. Land especially falls in this category with almost 2000 parcels of land for sale, we have a 400 month supply or a 33 YEAR SUPPLY of land for sale! Prices have no where to go with land but down. The large majority of those are lots, which are the most affected.

With that said, we’re working hard for you! We’re having a great year with tremendous buyer interest. We appreciate the opportunity to work for you and do so tirelessly. If there’s anything we can do to help you, get your property sold, or if you know someone looking to buy and find a great deal, let us know. THANK YOU and we hope you have a great Spring!

Looking for one of those great deals to buy or sell your property and get the most you can? Contact The Poltrock Team Today!

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Culberson Community in Murphy NC

Culberson Community is residential area in Murphy, North Carolina. In fact, it’s largest landmark is a small, humble US Post Office. It only acts as a place to drop mail, have PO Boxes, and purchase stamps/send packages.

Culberson is full of old homes and homesites  on the main road that have been home for local families for generations. In a few cases, you can find old dilapidated homes that have been neglected for years that were once home to a family. If those walls could talk, we’d learn a lot!

Because of its small size, it has only a handful of developments and Turkey Creek is one of them.

Culberson is located just barely North of the Georgia line in North Carolina.  It’s main road is Spur 60 – a four lane road with a left turn lane in the center. There are many side streets of off their such as Shady Grove Road, Culberson Road, Nicholson Road, Raper Road (named after a local family name), and several others.

Culberson has the beautiful Nottley River that runs through much of it. It’s low terrain offers many great places for pasture, cattle, flat land, and even homes with real yards. There are very few true “mountains” here that offer views and high elevations, which some folks certainly are not looking for. If you’re looking for something gentle that’s not hanging off the side of the mountain, Culberson has some really good opportunities to buy real estate.

Culberson has a great location with quick proximity to both Murphy NC and Blue Ridge, GA. Headed South, Spur 60 ties into Mineral Bluff, GA and ultimately Blue Ridge. Headed North, Spur 60 leads you right to the main road through Cherokee County – Highway 64/74.

Looking to buy real estate in Culberson? Email me or call now and let us send you the homes and/or land for sale that fits your needs.

Looking to sell real estate in Culberson? Call or email now and let us help you get your property SOLD!

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The Poltrock Team’s SOLD Real Estate Market Update for Murphy NC – Mid January 2010 Edition

Holy cow it’s hard to believe it’s already 2010 and January is flying by. With that said, there’s lots of great things going on in Murphy NC real estate right now. In fact, for number nerds out there like me, you’ll love this edition of our real estate market update. For those of you who want the information quick and conveniently, I’ll give you a fast summary before I get to all the dirty details of what happened. As always, you’ll be able to click the links below to see what real estate has sold, for how much, pictures, and much more!

2009 has proven to be a great year for improvements here in Cherokee County. In fact, 2009 has all the indicators that the market is improving and is doing all the right things. I’ll follow with more detail later, but overall in comparison with 2008, 2009 had more sales, properties sold faster, and the amount of properties available for sale was less. These three items are absolutely essential to stabilizing a real estate market, and that’s exactly what has happened. I believe with every bone in my body than 2010 will be even better than 2009. I’m expecting great things.

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Now on to the facts of the real estate market – no fluff, no bull, just facts. Forget what you hear on the radio, watch on the TV, or read on 2010 - Year of Growth!!!the internet. Here’s statistical facts of what happened in 2009 vs. 2008.

Residential Properties (Homes)

  • Sales increased every single quarter excluding Q1 (first quarter). In fact Q4 (fourth quarter, and so forth) saw an astounding increase in value of 53% over 2008! That’s impressive by anyone’s standards and indicates buyers are becoming more willing to buy, which is the most important factor.
  • The supply of homes decreased every single quarter across the board. The less supply there is on the market, the more demand will go up.
  • Days on Market for sold properties decreased in every quarter, which means homes sold faster than in 2008.
  • Average Home Selling Prices decreased every quarter. The average price of homes selling in Cherokee County fell every quarter indicating prices have fallen and buyer’s price bracket/comfort zone has shifted lower in 2009.
  • The list to sale price ratio held steady. The average home sold for 90-92% of list price in 2008 and 2009. This is a solid number when many real estate markets across the country fell significantly below our range.


  • Volume had mixed results. Half the year was up from 2008 in number of transactions, half the year was down. Q1 represented the worst quarter in land transactions we’ve seen averaging a mere 7 transactions per month. Once Q2 hit, transactions jumped back into double digits with similar results the rest of the year.
  • Like homes, the supply of land decreased every single quarter across the board. The less supply there is on the market, the more demand will go up.
  • Again like homes, the Average Land Selling Prices decreased every quarter. The average price of land selling in Cherokee County fell every quarter indicating prices have fallen, and for land, they have. There are more than 2,000 parcels of land for sale in Cherokee County, and prices must be aggressive to get them sold.
  • The Average Days on Market fell in every quarter except Q3. We believe this was caused because of land prices falling and property owners realizing the trend dropped some prices and caused buyers to snatch them up faster than before. This is a great thing – they’re selling!

We also have completed the Market Absorption Report, and to get your free copy, you have to join our free Market Update via email! It’s chock full of market information, so email me at to join and get your free copy.

January has only 4 sales recorded on the MLS system as of today. With that said, I know there is a lot of real estate pending right now. Every RE/MAX Realtor in Murphy is experiencing quite a busy month. There’s a lot of people planning to come in the Spring! Right now we are doing a lot of prospecting to get them here so they can find the property they want to buy. There’s a lot of buyers on the sidelines looking to get in to the market!

For all of you who helped make 2009 a great year, Thank You. Without you, our business doesn’t exist. I know 2010 will be an outstanding year and am looking forward to it. In fact we’ve set our goals at twice that of 2009 – a rather lofty undertaking. We will do it and with your help! If there’s anything we can do for you, or if you have any referrals who need real estate help, please give us a call. As you know, we’re never too busy for your business.

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Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team

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Read Our Past Murphy NC Real Estate Market Updates

Tarheel Subdivision – a Mountain Community in Murphy NC – The perfect place to buy and sell real estate!

The Tarheel Subdivision in Murphy, North Carolina is of of Cherokee County’s most established developments. With a a variety of different homes and land for sale in this community, it provides many options to buyers and sellers alike. Not only that, it’s the home of The Poltrock Team at REMAX!



One of the most well know phrases in real estate is, “location, location, location.” Without a doubt, Tarheel’s location is one of its greatest assets. I tis located behind the Murphy Fire Department in downtown off of Talc Mine Road. Owners are able to enjoy the extremely close proximity to downtown without having to pay any Murphy City taxes.

When you speak with folks who live in Tarheel, you’ll notice that almost everyone mentions how you “feel like you’re in the woods and minutes from town.” Most of the residents can be in downtown Murphy in five minutes or less, depending on what section they are in.

The Entrance Sign into Tarheel North in Murphy NC
The Entrance Sign into Tarheel North in Murphy NC


Tarheel is divided into several sections:

  • Tarheel North
  • Tarheel West
  • Tarheel South
  • Lover’s Leap


Tarheel conisists of a great group of folks. It boasts lots of full time residents (including The Poltrock Team! 🙂 With everything from attorneys to teachers to excavators, you get a great mix of folks. There are also a number of part time vacation homes in the mix.


One my favorite things about Tarheel is the fact that is bordered on one side by Murphy City Limits and by US Forest Service and Lake Hiwassee on the other. This prevents Tarheel from growing into a sprawling subdivision and keeps it what it is today.


Almost every land parcel in Tarheel is restricted preventing things such as mobile homes, random farm animals, junk, and more. Learn more about Deed Restrictions and how they work in Murphy NC. Many people looking to buy in Murphy like this fact as they do not have to worry about an undesireable home/junk being next to them.

Real Estate

Tarheel offers lots of options when it comes to buying real estate. When choosing land for sale, you have choices on everything from land tracts for sale to improved lots. Homes are also readily for sale beginning in the low 100’s all the way up to the 600+ range. There are some great oppotunities to find mountain real estate! Since Tarheel is not a “searchable” field in the Mountain Lakes MLS Search, email me at with “Tarheel” in the subject line and we’ll send you everything available for sale in Tarheel. We’re here for you! You can also see Our Listings to find those for sale in Tarheel.

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