Warriors Veteran Outreach in Murphy NC – The Poltrock Team June 2016 Newsletter

Our Poltrock Team newsletter this month features the amazing local organization right here in Murphy NC, Warriors Veteran Outreach. This local organization is a gathering of veterans and those who care looking out for veterans. We encourage your support of this incredible group. Read the feature article below and download a digital version of our entire newsletter by clicking the picture or link below. You’ll find jokes, a local calendar of events, and more. Enjoy!

Poltrock Team Newsletter June 2016Everyone knows someone who has served in the armed forces or has a family member that has served. A soldier’s journey requires inner strength to carry them through the tasks they are called upon to perform.

Often our men and women who have fulfilled their mission and return home find the life they remembered is not what now confronts them. The discipline of military survival takes a toll. The places they have been and the events they have seen sometimes pull deeper than physical harm; it can pull deep into their soul. The unity is gone and their fellow comrades are no longer by their side. A lonely feeling fills them in spite of being in familiar surroundings amongst friends and loved ones. The soldier’s journey is a necessary one since our very existence depends on men and women willing to put country first.

Veterans and patriots know, to some degree, what these warriors are experiencing and have banded together to provide a means where there is a person to call, share a similar experience, and provide a leaning post or a sounding board. 

The feeling of someone being on their side and who has their back often ignites that small spark that keeps them from slipping through the cracks. The effect works both ways and builds strength for all.

Warriors Veteran Outreach is a local group of veterans and patriots with only one goal: “No Veteran Left Behind.” A small measure of help and comfort to the widows, homeless, those seeking care, and the countless veterans who are thinking about calling it quits are some of those who require a helping hand reaching out. Call the veteran you know; say thanks to them for their service and tell them about us. 100% of our resources goes to helping veterans. We have strength in numbers and we have been provided with a strong community.

~~~Gary Gobeo for Warriors Veteran Outreach

All of us at The Poltrock Team would like to thank each and every member of the military that has served or is still serving our country. We encourage you to check out the website below and support this amazing organization.

Visit the Warriors Veteran Outreach Page

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