Out-of-State Buyer Gets Lots of Helpful Information when Buying a Murphy, NC Home

I decided the time was right for buying a home in Murphy, North Carolina. And, I knew that working with a leading realtor was the key to finding the right property.

I learned about The Poltrock Team because their name was listed on a cabin that interested me. Because the team was experienced and helpful, I decided to partner with them to buy my mountain home. I worked with Donna Srabian, who showed me a variety of listings that appeared on the MLS. After viewing several properties, I found a house that was perfect for me.

During my real estate transaction, the team provided me with lots of useful information. As an out-of-state buyer, I found this extremely helpful.

Overall, I had a good real estate experience. Donna was great, and she always returned my calls promptly.

Looking back, I would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their superb real estate client service. I would definitely work with them in selling a home (or buying a home) in the future.

Jill Dash
Columbia, SC