On a scale from 1 to 10, The Poltrock Team is a 25! If we had owned “swamp land” they could have sold it for us!

We needed to sell our home and a separate piece of land.  So, here comes the POLTROCK TEAM @ RE/MAX ready to deliver.  That’s what they said – They would deliver.  They helped us by completing a market evaluation on both parcels that was very accurate. After coming home from Little Rock after a seven week stay our phone was buzzing and within TWO WEEKS John calls us and thinks he has two separate buyers – one for the land and one for the home.  Within 5 days, everything was basically finalized and can you believe both land and home were finalized on the same day!?  In these uncertain times in our economy, how many families are fortunate enough to have sold their home (at a fair price) and land at the same time?!

You folks out there, Going to sell? Going to buy?  Call the Poltrock Team @ RE/MAX!  They are the best.  We recommend them for your real estate dealings.  GREAT Company.  If we ever get a chance to move back to Murphy after living here for 22 years – First call will be to John. 

Bill and Jodi Underhill
Deland, FL

The Poltrock Team – REMAX of Murphy NC

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