John and Linda Tuttle Look for Realtors – and after many Bad Attempts finally get The Poltrock Team in Murphy NC

If we had to sum up John Poltrock in one word, it would probably be integrity.  We came to John after having been with 2 other Realtors for 10 months.  The previous Realtors did almost nothing to promote or sell our house.  We did not see Realtors in a very positive light after our negative experiences with the previous ineffective Realtors. 

JT and Linda Tuttle
JT and Linda Tuttle

We read about the Poltrocks on the Internet, about their credentials and success rate, and hoped we were making the right decision in choosing them.  It was hard to stay positive when the market was so poor.  I believe when John took over our property, there were approximately 800 houses for sale in the Murphy area and over 200 were 2 bedroom 2 bath chalets like ours.  We were very discouraged at times and John kept us pumped up.

We were angry and annoyed at times when difficult decisions had to be made, but John always dealt very tactfully and professionally with us taking great patience to explain the housing market and the necessity of doing things to keep our house in the running.  We loved our house and had taken very loving care of it since originally we had planned to retire in Murphy.  Plans changed, however, and we had to put our house on the market in the worst of times.  It seemed like a very long struggle, and it was considering we paid an extra mortgage for 18 months (10 months before John took our house over, then 8 months until it was sold).

John got our house up and out there right from the start.  He used all kinds of techniques and was diligent in promoting our house.  We were very happy to see potential buyers finally coming through our house.  It still took a long time to get THE buyer, but there were so many times that we thought it would just never sell, even though it is a beautiful, new house in a great subdivision.  John’s efforts never wavered.

When the right buyers did come along, there were still difficult decisions to make.  But John continued to patiently explain things and encourage us in the direction that would complete the sale.  We are very happy that we listened to John because he knew what he was talking about and he gave us excellent advice.  My only regret is that we didn’t find him 10 months sooner.  My husband and I would wholeheartedly recommend The Poltrock Team to anyone who wants to get their house sold. 

P.S. John is a really nice guy, too.

 John & Linda Tuttle
Pinellas Park, Florida

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