Sellers Enjoy Excellent Service During Hayesville, NC Home Sale

We had owned our Hayesville, North Carolina home for several years. We finally decided to sell the property, and we knew that working with the right realtor would help us achieve a good result. We learned about The Poltrock Team from an Internet ad. They were affiliated with Dave Ramsey, so we decided to work with them to sell our home.

During our real estate experience, we found the team members very professional, personable, and trustworthy. Their great communication was most helpful – I felt like they really listened. I couldn’t be more pleased with their excellent service.

I would give The Poltrock Team an “11” for their great real estate client service. I would absolutely work with them again!


Pam Maner and Bonita Duckworth

Powder Springs, GA


First-time Homebuyer Has an “Awesome” Real Estate Experience During His Murphy, NC Home Purchase

When first-time homebuyer Luke Pope began his search for the right Murphy, North Carolina house, he wanted to work with a realtor who would guide him through the process. He partnered with a successful Poltrock Team realtor, and other team members also contributed to a smooth transaction.

Luke Pope couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “I had an awesome real estate experience with The Poltrock Team. They were most helpful in providing guidance, as I am a first-time homebuyer. They made it easy for me. I would give them a ‘10’ for their great service, and I would absolutely work with them again.”


Luke Pope

Murphy, NC

Satisfied Repeat Seller Has Great Experience When Selling His Andrews, NC Home

I had owned my Andrews, North Carolina home for some time, and I decided it was time to pass the property to a new owner. Choosing a realtor to work with was an easy decision. I knew about The Poltrock Team because they had previously sold property for me. Because I had a good experience, I decided to work with them to sell my home.

Once again, I had a smooth real estate transaction. The Poltrock Team’s Listing Coordinator got the process underway by creating my listing and ordering professional photographs of the home. Next, she placed the property on the MLS. My realtor brought me a buyer, and we had a smooth closing.

Looking back, I was pleased that The Poltrock Team was able to sell my home. I would give them a “10” for their great real estate client service. I would certainly work with them again.

Sam McAfee

Thonotosassa, FL

Helpful, Professional Team Members Complete a Smooth Murphy, NC Home Sale

I had owned my Murphy, North Carolina home for some time. When it came time to sell the property, I knew that working with the right realtor was the key to achieving the result I wanted.

I learned about The Poltrock Team because they have a strong presence in town. When my lawyer recommended this market-leading real estate agency, I decided to work with them to sell my home.

Throughout my real estate experience, the team members were very helpful and professional. I also appreciated that they were always available for questions.

I would rate The Poltrock Team a “10” for their great real estate client service. I would certainly work with them in buying a home or selling a home in the future.


Paula Hembree

Murphy, NC

Sellers Have “Positive and Satisfying” Experience When Selling Brasstown, NC Home

We had owned our Brasstown, North Carolina home for several years. When we decided to put the property on the market, we knew working with a highly successful realtor was key to getting a good result. We learned about The Poltrock Team through mutual friends. After meeting John Poltrock and his team, we decided to work with them to sell our home.

Overall, we had a very positive and satisfying experience. The Poltrock Team’s Listing Coordinator efficiently processed our listing and ordered professional photographs of our home. Then, she placed our property on the MLS. Our realtor found us a buyer, and we proceeded to a timely closing.

We would rate The Poltrock Team a “10” for their great real estate client service. We would certainly work with them again.

Philli and Janelle Lucksavage

Murphy, NC


Seller Enjoys “Honest and Clear Communication” During Murphy, NC Home Sale

After owning my Murphy, North Carolina home for several years, I decided to sell the property. I began searching for a highly successful realtor to help me accomplish my goal.

I learned about The Poltrock Team through a referral from another realtor. After researching and speaking with John Poltrock, I could feel that he was the one. So, I decided to work with the team to sell my home.

After I finished the listing paperwork, The Poltrock Team’s Listing Coordinator created the listing and ordered professional photographs of my home. Soon afterward, the property appeared on the MLS. John brought me a buyer, and we proceeded to a smooth closing. Throughout the process, I most appreciated the team’s honest and clear communication.

Looking back, I would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their excellent real estate client service. I would absolutely work with them again.

John Poltrock is a fantastic guy to work with. He is prompt, honest, and informative. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He will get the job done right!!!


Nancy Baxter

St. Cloud, FL

View These 2022 Housing Market Predictions from the Crystal Ball

As 2021 winds down, it’s an ideal time to define some major goals for 2022. If you’ve decided to buy a home or sell a home during the New Year, you’d like to know about upcoming housing market trends. Or, maybe you’re considering the purchase of a Murphy, NC investment property. As you move forward, you’d appreciate some details on the real estate investment market.

Fortunately, the housing market analysts have done their homework. After examining United States economic trends and market indicators, these market experts recently presented their 2022 Housing Market Predictions. Buyers, sellers, and investors will likely have some opportunities along with some challenges.


Home Inventories, Prices, and Sales

Three separate variables are integral to every home purchase or sale. The term “home inventory” refers to the properties available for sale in a specific market. Home prices fluctuate up and down according to standard supply and demand principles.

A market’s home sales are determined by the relationship of the first two variables along with other economic indicators. View this summary of the United States housing market predictions for 2022.

Growth in Property Inventories

In 2021, low property inventories meant frenzied buyer competition for available homes. Houses often sold within hours, and homes in several price points quickly received multiple offers. To add another level of complexity, investors snapped up many properties, leaving even fewer houses for individual buyers.

In fall 2021, an increasing number of homeowners signaled their intention to list their home within the next 12 months. As a result, the inventory of homes is expected to increase 0.3% on average in 2022. also expects an increase in new construction, which translates into additional properties for sale. However, builders must first play catch-up, finishing their not-yet-completed homes before breaking ground for new ones. Therefore, you’ll need plenty of patience if you’re building a house in 2022.

Less-drastic Rise in Home Prices

Since 2012, home prices have seen single-digit annual increases (on average). In 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic led to an unexpected buying frenzy. At the same time, the nationwide housing market was already short 5.2 million single-family homes.

While home builders focused on adding more properties to the market, existing home prices were driven higher because of reduced inventories. From August 2020 to August 2021, the market saw a double-digit rise in home prices.

For 2022, expects a 2.9% rise in median home sale prices. While builders continue aggressive production, homebuyers must adapt to higher purchase prices and mortgage rates. Even with those factors, though, prices are still projected to rise at a relatively reasonable pace.

Continued Increase in Home Sales

Strong housing demand is expected to continue in 2022. expects 6.6% higher home sales numbers during the New Year. This translates to a 16-year high across the country and in many metropolitan markets.

Over 45 million millennials will be buying their first house during 2022. Other demographic groups will also be searching for the perfect residential or investment property. With an estimated 3.3% national income growth by late 2022, buyers will have more discretionary income to spend on a home.

2022 Outlook for Buyers, Sellers, and Investors

Real estate markets of every size have one universal truth: Buyers, sellers, and investors each have differing perspectives and goals. Each group interprets a specific market through a different lens, and they make their decisions accordingly. View the 2022 predictions for these three key market subgroups.

Homebuyers Must Quickly Make their Moves

With housing inventories projected to rise in 2022, homebuyers will have more potential “dream homes” from which to choose. However, the market will be flooded with buyers – especially first-time millennial homebuyers and other entry-level purchasers. With lots of competition for available homes, buyers must make fast decisions and be prepared to go “above and beyond” to win the bidding wars.

With home prices and interest rates expected to rise, finding budget-friendly properties will take skill and patience. However, increasing remote work opportunities may expand geographic search parameters to more affordable areas.

View Two Useful Home-buying Tips

To maximize their chances, homebuyers should set their home-buying budgets before making property-viewing appointments. Buyers should also run several simulations to determine how rising mortgage rates could affect their house payments.

Buyers should also refine their lists of “must have” and “nice to have” home attributes. By being more flexible in their choices, they’ll encounter a larger pool of potential candidates.

Home Sellers Will Enjoy Several Advantages

With higher expected home values and prices, sellers should be in a favorable position in 2022. Although there will be more homes on the market, realistically priced properties in nice condition have a good chance of selling quickly. In addition, sellers who purchased their homes awhile ago will likely receive a respectable amount of cash at closing.

Some sellers are chafing at the bit to list their homes for sale. However, they haven’t done so because they’re afraid they can’t find another home to purchase. Sellers who liquidate their current home, and who come up empty on another one, have few options other than renting until their luck changes.

Sellers ready to unload second homes, or who want to sell their vacation getaways, probably don’t need to buy another property right away. Therefore, they’re likely in the best position in this current market. However, sellers in vacation home markets may not see the same buying frenzy that occurred in 2021.

Investors Will Likely See Favorable Returns

Investors who hold rental properties will continue to receive good returns on those homes, says Existing owners are well positioned to benefit from rising home prices. Rising rental costs may entice rental investors to keep buying homes, as the extra income may outweigh higher mortgage rates.

For perspective, note that in early 2021 many investors purchased homes at a higher rate than they sold them later in the year. If these investors choose to rent the properties, they should receive good yields because of continued demand and increasing rental prices.

Predictions May be Subject to Change

Note that the housing market predictions may (or may not) actually come to pass. The projections could be affected by economic conditions and other variables throughout the year.

To learn about predicted trends in your regional market, speak with your local realtor early in the New Year. The Poltrock Team utilizes sophisticated analytical data, along with its realtors’ local expertise, to provide you with second-to-none market analysis designed for your needs.


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Lake Hiwassee Water Levels Lower in October

Lake Hiwassee in Murphy NC is operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and controlled by the Hiwassee Dam. It’s quite a sight to see! During the off-season, the lake is lowered to control flooding further downstream. Years ago, Nashville and nearby areas were flooding and it was amazing how fast the lake levels shot up to hold water back and keep the flooding from being worse. It’s an amazing engineering feat to be able to do that!

One question I often get is, “what does it look like when Lake Hiwassee water goes down?” There’s no better way to show you than on video! Click play below and see the lake. Want to own a mountain lake home? Let us know or search online! Most of the homes on the water are in Bear Paw Resort. I personally own a home there and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s quite an amazing place!

12 Memorable Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Homeowners

As the holiday season gets into full swing, you’re probably hearing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” everywhere you go. Whether in your car, in the stores, or on your favorite holiday music channel, you can’t get this classic holiday song out of your head. Besides hearing the catchy tune, it’s fun to visualize the parade of unusual gifts that someone might find on their doorstep.

During this holiday season, set aside your carefully curated gift list. Instead, consider these 12 home-oriented gifts that will add warmth and style to your favorite homeowners’ abodes. Whether they own a cozy little Murphy, NC home, or a slice of real estate on the beach, these gifts will be right at home.


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Agency Exceeds Clients’ Expectations During Four Real Estate Transactions

We have been satisfied clients of The Poltrock Team for several years. We originally learned about this leading real estate agency from another former realtor with a different company.

We have purchased two homes and sold two homes with The Poltrock Team. We have worked with John Poltrock and Wayne Cofer. Both John and Wayne have been outstanding. John has treated us better than family while Wayne got one house through his network and found the second in days.

We would give The Poltrock Team “somewhere around a 12” for their great real estate client service. They have exceeded all of our expectations in all transactions. We would absolutely work with them again.

Bill and Susie Greear

Hayesville, NC