In an exciting development for The Poltrock Team at RE/MAX, we are thrilled to announce our recent ascent to the #6 position in North Carolina’s real estate rankings. This achievement underscores our team’s unwavering dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. The dynamic and diverse real estate market of North Carolina poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities, making our #6 ranking a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored approach and personalized service. At RE/MAX, we pride ourselves on our team’s expertise, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and maintaining a client-centric approach. Our seasoned professionals possess in-depth knowledge of North Carolina’s real estate trends, ensuring clients receive expert guidance throughout their property transactions. By incorporating the latest real estate technology, we streamline processes, enhance marketing strategies, and provide clients with a seamless experience. Our client-centric approach prioritizes communication, transparency, and understanding, building lasting relationships. If you’d like to learn more about why so many folks trust our experience, give us a call today at 828-837-6400.

Murphy NC’s Downtown Christmas Tree Lightning moved to Thursday

The Town of Murphy NC just announced that due to the impending rain forecast for Friday, December 1, they are moving the Christmas Tree Lighting to this Thursday, November 30th, at 6 pm.

The Christmas Parade is still scheduled for 6 pm on Saturday, December 2nd, but this may change depending on the weather forecast. THE POLTROCK TEAM will be there!

They said they will keep an eye on the weather and alert you of any changes via local media outlets and the Town of Murphy website where you can subscribe to text and email alerts. To get those, click the town’s website below.

We hope to see you at the Christmas Parade!

PS – The town’s website has great info and

The Poltrock Team’s Halloween in Downtown Murphy NC was a Big Success

At the Poltrock Team at REMAX in Murphy, NC, we love Halloween! Our recent Halloween community event in downtown Murphy was a spooktacular success, and we’re excited to share the highlights.

Downtown Murphy was transformed into a Halloween wonderland, complete with cobwebs, pumpkins, and eerie decorations. Our dedicated team put in countless hours to create the perfect spooky atmosphere.

Kids were in for a treat as we handed out thousands of pieces of candy. Their smiles and excitement were heartwarming, and it was wonderful to see the community come together.

We didn’t stop at candy. We also distributed over 1,000 shopping bags and 1,000 water bottles to make their trick-or-treating experience even more enjoyable.

This Halloween event brought the community closer together. Families from all over Murphy came to celebrate, connect, and create lasting memories.

We want to give a big shoutout to our local partners, including State Farm agents Jim Miller and Steven Aft, State Employees Credit Union, McDonald’s, Rotary of Murphy, Appalachian Electric Bikes, and many others. Their support made the event even more spectacular and showcased our strong community spirit.

Halloween in downtown Murphy NC is now a community event that is a cherished tradition, eagerly anticipated by kids and adults alike. It’s more than just Halloween; it’s about strengthening community bonds.

We are grateful for the support of local businesses and the entire community. This event was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see what surprises we have in store for next Halloween!

The Poltrock Team at REMAX Takes Home Top Honors in 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards

We are thrilled to announce that The Poltrock Team at REMAX has been named the 2023 Reader’s Choice Best Real Estate Office and our very own John Poltrock has been honored as the 2023 Reader’s Choice Best Real Estate Agent by the readers of our local newspaper, the Cherokee Scout. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch real estate services to our community.

**A Legacy of Excellence: 9 Wins for Best Real Estate Agent**

John Poltrock’s latest win as the Best Real Estate Agent marks a remarkable achievement – it’s his 9th time claiming this prestigious title. This accomplishment is a reflection of John’s dedication, professionalism, and the trust that our community has placed in him. This legacy of excellence is something we’re incredibly proud of and humbled by.

**A Testament to Our Dedication: Best Real Estate Office**

The accolade of Best Real Estate Office is a testament to our team’s tireless dedication to serving our clients with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and expertise. We’re honored to receive this award from the readers of the Cherokee Scout, and it motivates us to continue striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.

**What Makes Us Stand Out:**

Our success in the 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards isn’t just about the recognition itself; it’s about what sets us apart and why our community continues to choose us as their preferred real estate team. Here are a few key factors that make us stand out:

1. **Local Expertise:** Our deep understanding of the Cherokee County area ensures that our clients receive the best guidance and insights for their real estate transactions.

2. **Personalized Service:** We believe that every client is unique, and we tailor our services to their specific needs, whether they are buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

3. **Commitment to Community:** We take pride in being a part of this wonderful community and are dedicated to giving back through charitable initiatives.

4. **Cutting-Edge Technology:** We leverage the latest technology and tools to provide a seamless and efficient real estate experience for our clients.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the readers of the Cherokee Scout for voting us as the Best Real Estate Office and John Poltrock as the Best Real Estate Agent for the 9th time. Your trust and support are what drive us to do our best every day.

With Gratitude,

all of us at The Poltrock Team

Murphy, NC Embraces True 5G with Verizon: Lightning-Fast Speeds Are Here!

The wait is over, Murphy, North Carolina! The highly anticipated 5G cellular network from Verizon has finally arrived in this picturesque town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. For those of us who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of 5G, the moment is finally here, and the results are nothing short of remarkable. I’ve been using Verizon’s 5G network for several weeks to ensure it lives up to the hype, and the verdict is in: it’s the real deal!

The Need for Speed

Before the arrival of 5G, we were no strangers to the frustrations of lagging connections and slow data speeds. However, the introduction of Verizon’s 5G network in Murphy, NC has completely changed the game. Speed tests consistently show download speeds of 100Mbps+ – a far cry from the days of buffering and sluggish loading times. Whether you’re streaming your favorite movies, video chatting with loved ones, or downloading large files, Verizon’s 5G ensures that your internet experience is smooth and lightning-fast.

Seamless Uploads with 5GUW

One of the standout features of Verizon’s 5G network in Murphy is the remarkable upload speeds, particularly when connected to 5GUW (Ultra Wideband). Uploading videos has never been this easy. Whether you’re a content creator, a business owner, or simply someone who enjoys sharing moments with friends and family, Verizon’s 5G network allows you to effortlessly upload high-quality videos without the agonizing wait times. This means no more watching progress bars inch their way to completion; your content is up and ready to share in a flash.

Coverage Across Murphy, NC

Verizon’s 5G network isn’t confined to just one area of Murphy. It’s heartening to see that 5G is available both in the downtown Murphy region and extends into the Ranger area. You can enjoy the blazing fast speeds whether you’re visiting local hotspots, exploring downtown, or even perusing the treasures at Decker’s and Foster’s Flea Market. This extensive coverage ensures that you stay connected no matter where you go in Murphy, offering convenience and reliability.

In Conclusion

The arrival of Verizon’s 5G network in Murphy, NC is a game-changer. The network offers incredible speed and seamless connectivity, making it a boon for both residents and businesses. No longer do we have to wonder when 5G will arrive – it’s here, and it’s making our digital lives faster and more convenient. So, whether you’re streaming, uploading, or simply staying connected, Verizon’s 5G in Murphy, NC is your ticket to a brighter, faster future. Welcome to the era of true 5G!

Sip, Savor, and Celebrate: A Toast to Eagle Fork Vineyard in Hayesville, NC

One of the best things about owning real estate in Western North Carolina is all the fun things to do. I have an aunt and uncle who own a vacation home right here in Murphy NC, and their favorite must-do is to visit local wineries. I must admit, I enjoy going with them! 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about wine, it’s that it’s best enjoyed in the company of family and friends, under the open sky, with a touch of music to set the mood. And if you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, make the 25-minute drive from Murphy to Hayesville, North Carolina to go to Eagle Fork Vineyard is where you’ll find all of these elements coming together in perfect harmony. This privately owned gem is a true testament to the joys of family, fine wines, and unforgettable memories.

A Warm Welcome from the Heart

Eagle Fork Vineyard, nestled in the picturesque mountains of Hayesville, NC, is more than just a winery; it’s a labor of love by a wonderful family that pours their heart and soul into every aspect of this charming establishment. From the moment you step foot on their grounds, you’ll be greeted with warmth and hospitality that feels like coming home.

A Vintage Celebration

My personal favorite of the Eagle Fork wines is the Sweet Smoky Mountain White

What’s a celebration without wine? Eagle Fork Vineyard boasts an impressive selection of both whites and reds, each crafted with the utmost care and dedication. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a newbie looking to discover your palate, this place has something for everyone. And the best part? You can sample their wines to your heart’s content to find your perfect match.

Wine Slushies: The Ultimate Refreshment

If you’re looking for a refreshing twist on your wine adventure, Eagle Fork Vineyard has you covered with their delightful wine slushies. These frozen concoctions are the perfect antidote to a hot summer day, offering a fun and unique way to enjoy your favorite flavors in a new form.

A Seat for Every Occasion

Whether you prefer the cozy indoors, the rustic outdoor pavilion, or the fresh open air, Eagle Fork Vineyard has a spot that suits your mood. Their indoor seating area exudes warmth and charm, while the outdoor pavilion with its versatile walls provides the perfect setting for year-round enjoyment. And of course, you can’t forget the true outdoor seating where you can soak up the natural beauty of Hayesville.

Music to Your Ears

What’s better than wine and a serene ambiance? Wine and live music, of course! Eagle Fork Vineyard frequently hosts live music events on their pavilion, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening. It’s a testament to the owners’ commitment to creating a truly immersive experience for their visitors.

A Toast to Togetherness

We couldn’t resist the charm of Eagle Fork Vineyard either, and that’s why we chose it as the backdrop for our 2022 Client Appreciation Party. The combination of excellent wine, impeccable service, and a stunning setting made it an evening to remember for over 125 attendees. It was a heartfelt way to say “thank you” to our clients, surrounded by the beauty and love that this family-owned vineyard exudes.

If you’re looking to create your own special memories or just want to unwind with a glass of exceptional wine in hand, Eagle Fork Vineyard is the place to be. We can’t recommend it enough for an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a warm heart and a smile on your face.

So, the next time you find yourself in Hayesville, North Carolina, make a beeline for Eagle Fork Vineyard. Trust us; it’s a sip of heaven you won’t want to miss.

For more information and to plan your visit, check out their website: Eagle Fork Vineyard

Cheers to good wine, great company, and unforgettable moments at Eagle Fork Vineyard!

-John Poltrock – The Poltrock Team at REMAX

Bear Paw Resort Effectively Issues a Moratorium of New Home Construction Due to Water Supply

When it comes to building a new construction home, the availability of water is crucial. Bear Paw Resort is a great community here in Murphy NC and the utility company just issued a notice that affects all lot owners and prospective buyers of lot owners.

On April 21, 2023, Utilities, Inc. (formerly Carolina Water) informed the Bear Paw Service District that they do not have enough water supply to accommodate new construction homes. They have already invested a significant amount of money in drilling two new wells within the Service District, but unfortunately, these wells do not provide enough continuous water flow to meet further increased demand for water.

As a result, the BPSD has received advice not to issue any additional new house-build permits. It is important to note that water is crucial for any house to be built and to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Department in Cherokee County, North Carolina. Without an adequate water supply, new home construction simply cannot occur.

It is understandable to have questions about whether your proposed building plan will have access to water. In this case, it is recommended that you reach out to Utilities, Inc. directly to discuss your concerns and options. They can be reached at 1-800-525-7990 or their website is here at

This news may be disappointing for those who were hoping to settle down and build their dream home in Bear Paw. However, it is imperative to prioritize the availability and sustainability of water resources for the entire community. The BPSD will continue to work with Utilities, Inc. to find a resolution and keep residents informed of any updates.

If you are considering purchasing a lot to build a house in Bear Paw, it is necessary to rethink your plans until this issue is resolved. Stay informed and updated on the situation, and we hope for a positive resolution in the near future.

Looking for real estate in the mountains of Western North Carolina and North Georgia? The Poltrock Team has you covered! Feel free to call us at 828-837-6400 or shop for real estate online at

Fun Tip For Your New Construction – Add a Hoist to Make Moving In Easier!

It’s not always about real estate here in Murphy; sometimes we just have a good tip to share! When you go to build a new home, one of my most fun, simple tips is to add a hoist to make it easy to move your furniture to the second floor. I had the idea when we built our house before we put the walls and ceiling up and it has been such a blessing! It makes it so much easier to move furniture. We did this 5 or 6 years ago and an inexpensive hoist from a tool shop makes all the difference. Watch the video above and maybe it’ll help!

I’ve never seen another home with this so if you do it, please send me a video so I can check out your setup!

John Poltrock at The Poltrock Team at RE/MAX

If your house burnt down, does your insurance protect you? Meet Veldia Dockery of Mountain Insurance

Fires can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In a matter of minutes, a home and all its contents can be destroyed due to an out-of-control fire. Sadly, many homeowners don’t realize that they may not have enough insurance coverage to replace their home if it were to burn down. We don’t want our clients and friends in that situation.

At Mountain Insurance in Murphy NC, Veldia Dockery is passionate about helping her clients make sure they are adequately insured. She knows that an insufficient policy can leave them with huge financial losses and emotionally devastating consequences. That’s why we created this video – to help spread awareness about home insurance coverage and ensure everyone has enough protection against fires and other disasters.

In the video, John Poltrock with The Poltrock Team at RE/MAX interviews Veldia so she can explain what you need to know when it comes to homeowner’s insurance coverage. She offers advice on finding the right policy for your specific circumstances so you can rest assured knowing you’re properly covered in the event of a disaster.

No one wants their house to burn down – but if it does happen, having adequate home insurance coverage will provide peace of mind that your losses will be minimized or at least somewhat manageable. So don’t let yourself get underinsured – watch our video with Veldia Cook Dockery from Mountain Insurance in Murphy NC today! You can call her at 828-837-3866.

Want to see all our recommended vendors? Check out our Gotta Guy List by clicking here.

The Poltrock Team wins Gold Award from Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors

The Poltrock Team wins the Gold Award from The Mountain Lakes Board of RealtorsThe Poltrock Team is proud to announce that we have achieved the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors Gold Award for 2022 sales! This award is the highest sales accolade that can be attained from the Board. To achieve it, our team had to sell $10,000,000 in volume and 48 units or more per agent. We are thrilled to announce that all 5 licensed team members have met these criteria and been awarded Gold!

It is no small feat to qualify for this award; it takes dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Our highly experienced agents strive for excellence with each and every real estate transaction. When you work with The Poltrock Team, know you will get a knowledgeable agent who will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Because of that, we’ve been honored to win this award every year since it was implemented in 2019.

This achievement speaks to the quality of service provided by our talented Realtors. To reach such a high level of success, our agents must understand the local market dynamics, demonstrate sound negotiation techniques and provide timely communication throughout the buying/selling process. 

We are incredibly proud of our team and want to thank them for their tireless efforts in helping us secure this Gold Award! Congratulations, Poltrock Team!