Buying Land? Speed up getting your septic permit!

The Cherokee County Health Department now has a great new program if you’re buying a piece of land and want to expedite your septic permit. Long gone are the days (thankfully!!) where we had to wait 6 months to get the permit.

When you find your property (assuming it doesn’t have a permit already), you can submit your septic permit application with your sales contract. By doing this, your permit will be put to the front of the list. According to their current estimations, it will be roughly two weeks to two months to obtain your permit.

When you purchase property through us, we manage this process for you – lay out and design your system in the most cost effective and logical (based on the lay of the land, etc.) manner. This way, we can follow it through closing an ensure when you buy a property, you’ll have one that will allow you to build on it before you close on the land.

Let us be your guide to owning the mountain land of your dreams!

*Try visiting the Environmental Health Department’s web page here. It has useful information for the process and the fee schedule.

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