Mountain View Land With Septic Permit For Sale in Marble NC

Beautiful mountain view land for sale that the pictures don’t do justice! This 1.22+/- acre parcel has it all! Septic permit information in hand, well water, and paved road! The property has a very gentle slope allowing you to do a basement or crawlspace when you build. Enjoy the mountains year around and excellent access! Located in Marble NC, you’re right between Murphy and Andrews.MAIN


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A Small Land Sale in Murphy NC Treated As A Larger Purchase!

I found out about The Poltrock Team at REMAX in Murphy NC from the Internet and I decided to TP photowork with them because they seemed to be good people.  I was right!  John and his team are very professional!

The most helpful thing that John did for me during this sale was to help me attain a septic permit! I’ve never had to do that before and he made it simple.

For such a small sale, The Poltrock Team treated us the same as a larger purchase! You guys deserve a 10!  Thanks!


Dick & Jamie Whalen
Murphy, NC

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Stunning Gentle Lot With Gorgeous Mountain View For Sale in Murphy NC

The Poltrock Team is offering for sale gentle land for sale with a gorgeous mountain view in Murphy NC! This lot is extremely gentle with a paved road right to it. If you’re looking for gorgeous views and don’t want a steep road or property, this is it!  A great location with a gated entrance makes very easy to access and a great place for you! The property has a septic permit and shared water so you know you’re good to go! It’s located in the Hiwassee Dam community in Stag’s Leap. Great location, great land! Contact us today to see this property in person!

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Unrestricted Riverfront Property For Sale in Murphy NC

Here’s an extremely great deal on a rare find! This approximately 0.75 acre lot is riverfront on the Nottley River in Murphy, NC – and get this – it’s totally unrestricted! That gives you the rare flexibility to use the property how YOU want! If you want to build your dream home, great! If you want to camp on the property using a tent or your RV, that’s great too! It’s truly a rare find because most parcels on the river have restrictions preventing you from using it how you may want to. There’s also a three bedroom septic permit in hand! That means you know the parcel is useable and buildable.

 Enjoy the pristine, calming water right from your door! Trout fish from your own property. The opportunity is endless, and at this price, it most certainly won’t last long!

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Murphy NC Land Buyer Letter of Thanks to the Poltrock Team and REMAX Owner

We would like to take this time to thank your company for providing assistance with our recent real estate transaction. More specifically, we would like to thank John and Jessica Poltrock. I am an Investigator with the City of Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and my wife is in hotel management. We both can’t express how impressed we were with the level of professionalism shown by them. Even though we purchased a very inexpensive piece of foreclosure property, John and Jessica provided us with the same level of professionalism and expertise as if we purchasing a multimillion dollar piece of property.

As I stated, this was a very inexpensive piece of property; however, like most real estate deals, this too had a few minor obstacles to overcome. This particular piece of property needed to be undercut and marked so the county could issue a septic permit. Being from out of state, this task would have been extremely hard to coordinate and achieve in a timely manner. John immediately made all the arrangements and was able to provide us a septic permit for the property upon closing. You should be honored to have John and Jessica working for your company; they truly know the meaning of professionalism, dedication and customer service. We look forward to working with them again for our future real estate needs.


Mr. & Mrs. Milton Adams
Myrtle Beach, SC

Wolf Creek Frontage Unrestricted Land Now for Sale in Murphy NC

This is a knock-out piece of property! This gorgeous Wolf Creek frontage lot is spectacular – and it’s totally unrestricted! It’s gives you the complete flexibility to do what you want with the property, so long as its legal of course 😉 ! It has a 3 bedroom septic permit in hand and is just as gentle as it can be. Act quick on this land because at this price for 1.34+/- acres of creek front, great land, it’ll be sold quick!

This land for sale is now SOLD!

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Price Reduction on Great Unrestricted Land for Sale in Murphy NC

Tree Trimming will give you a GREAT Mountain View!
Tree Trimming will give you a GREAT Mountain View!

We have a great tract of land that was listed at almost $25,000 that’s now less than $20,000! It’s totally unrestricted in a great area. This parcel features some great mountain views, has a septic permit, utilities, and so much more!

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Valley River Walk Mountain View Lots and Creek Lots for Sale between Murphy NC and Andrews NC

Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning??

Valley River Walk community now has lots for sale that are great buys! At the peak of the market, there were many lots priced in the 6 digit range – and now you can buy even the best ones for less than $40,000!

This gated community features some spectacular mountain views, creeks, ponds, city water, septic permits, underground utilities, and much more! The access is spectacular with its proximity to 74 – and you’re right between Murphy, NC and Andrews, NC! This is the best of both worlds, so your real estate will certainly have THE location! Not only that, every property has community access to Valley River so you can trout fish and really enjoy the best of Western North Carolina!

CLICK HERE to visit our real estate listings for sale in Murphy NC and browse all the available pictures, prices, and lots that you can buy and you’ll be amazed at just how far your money will take you!

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How Much does a septic system cost in Murphy NC?

If you’re looking to buy or have already bought land in Murphy, NC, then a big question for you should be, “How much does it cost to install a septic system in Murphy NC?” Although this is a loaded question because the price can vary on many factors, here’s a good idea as to what you can expect.

Some factors that can change the cost of your septic:

  • Soil Type: this is a very detailed question, but think of it as is it rocky or just dirt?
  • Terrain Grade or Steepness: Flat land or is it really steep? Steep land can cost more to install a system on.
  • What type of system is your land permitted for by the Cherokee County Health Department?
  • Required Materials and System to be Used

Whenever you buy a parcel of real estate in Murphy NC, we highly recommend you buy it contingent to getting a septic permit. Once you have that permit, then you have authorization to install the septic system the County specifies. Here’s what you can expect from various system types.

  • Conventional Gravity Fed Septic System: Generally costs between $3,000 to $4,500. This system is usually the simplest, most cost effective method. It’s generally what most people think of when you have a septic installed. Regular maintenance is little and putting something like Rid-X down your commode once a month is all the regular maintenance you’ll need.

  • Conventional Septic System with a Pump

    : Generally it costs between $6,500 and $8,000. They work very well and in fact, it was the type of system we had on our very first home. It works the same as a conventional gravity system with only one main difference. The waste water needs to go uphill in order to get to the drain field. Since it doesn’t run uphill on it’s own, another septic tank and pump system is required to get it there. The additional cost is in the extra tank, pump system, piping, and extra labor to make the system work. Regular maintenance is the same as a conventional gravity system. The only thing that can go wrong with it is the pump ceases to work for various reasons. They have a mandatory alarm installed to alert you when this happens. Many pumps are warrantied for 3-5 years.

  • T&J Panel Septic System: Generally they cost $7,000 to $9,000. This system is relatively new and works like a gravity system in areas that have deep soil but few pockets of soil. Drain lines are not nearly as long. It works quite well and maintenance is similar to that of a conventional gravity system.
  • Direct Discharge: $18,000 or more depending on requirements. This system acts like a municipal system in that it treats the water and ultimately dumps it into a body of water. The water (creek, river, lake) must have good water volume. After the waste water is treated, it is practically clean enough to drink. Periodic inspections by a qualified inspector and sometimes the Cherokee County Health Department is required – commonly in 6 month to one year intervals to ensure they are working properly.
  • Drip Irrigation System: This is the most expensive system at an average cost of $20,000 to $24,000 to install and not just anyone can install them. In fact, as of this writing, there are only 5-6 systems running in Cherokee County, and they will become more common as time goes on. These systems are reserved for properties that have little soil suited for a septic. Soil pockets are usually not deep and drip systems are ideal for this situation. The lines lay on the soil or just below and “drip” waste water out on the drain area after it has been pretreated. Regular maintenance is required for these systems. Periodic inspections by a qualified inspector and sometimes the Cherokee County Health Department is required – commonly in 6 month to one year intervals to ensure they are working properly.

Now you have an idea of what to expect from various systems. It is important to bear in mind that every system is different and speaking to a qualified installer for the system you are looking at is the best idea. For a list of recommended contractors in Murphy NC, check out our Gotta Guy List. Who knew there could be so much involved in flushing a toilet!?

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Why it’s important to buy land for sale with a septic permit in Murphy NC


When you’re looking to buy real estate in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina, flushing your toilet isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind – and it should be. Well, maybe not the very first thing, but it’s high on the list. The land your searching for should either have a valid septic permit on file or your contract should be contingent on buying it with a septic permit prior to closing.


Buying land without a septic permit in the mountains is like going to Vegas and tossing the dice with $20,000 or more – the only difference is the odds are in your favor. More than likely, your parcel of land you want to buy will get a septic permit. Odds are you’ll have no problem. BUT if you end rolling the dice and you can’t get a septic permit, you just lost tens of thousands of dollars. All of a sudden, your only buyer pool is an adjoining neighbor who wants it for privacy – and they don’t pay.

When you’re buying your parcel of land in the mountains, be certain to get a septic permit. If it doesn’t, make your contract contingent on it and INVEST the extra $600 it costs in your peace of mind. The Cherokee County Health Department will be more than happy to trade you $600 for that little pink septic permit that’ll let you know you’re getting the deal you want, and if they can’t, you’ll be glad you’re only out $600 bucks.

Read this article to find out how much different kinds of septic systems cost in Murphy NC.

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