Types of Real Estate for Sale in Murphy, North Carolina

There are many different types of real estate you can purchase when you come to Murphy, North Carolina and our surrounding communities in Cherokee County NC. Here are some of the residential investments available to you:

Types of Homes

Real Estate - Chalet HomeChalets in Murphy NC—Our most popular and well known style. They are known for the large front that resembles an A-frame with lots of fixed glass      windows. We have many options and sizes available for these home. The average chalet consists of two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, and a large great room. The master bedroom is often in the loft (the upstairs bedroom) and some have dual master suites on both the main and loft level. Serious consideration should be taken on whether you are willing to have your master bedroom upstairs in the loft and if privacy there is important (many times the loft is open air to the great room).


Cabins—Somewhat of a broad definition, cabins are everything that’s “mountainy” and not a chalet. It could be a ranch styled home, home with a loft, and almost always had wood or log siding of some sort. Many times, the master bedroom suite is on the main level making it easier to access. We have brand new cabins available all the way to old, rustic get-a-ways.


Manufactured Homes—We don’t have as many manufactured homes, yet the are a very good home for the budget conscious. They offer some of the greatest square footage of living area for the purchase price.   Virtually always on one level, these homes frequently offer all the amenities that life has to offer at a lower cost of living.


  Traditional Styled Home

Traditional—For folks who love the mountains and don’t want to live in a chalet, cabin, or manufactured home, traditional homes are for you. They come in all shapes, sizes, and settings.                               




Lots—We have lots in all shapes and sizes! Lot sizes generally range from 1/2 an acre upwards of about 3 acres. More land than that, and you start to get into small land tracts. Options are virtually endless! Great properties start around the 20’s and reach all the way to the 150’s. You can have many things to consider, and we can best guide you on this in person or on the phone. We can tailor your property to your lifestyle. Consider what kind of views and environment you would like. Bear in mind that creeks and mountain tops don’t usually go together—you have to be lower on the mountain and in valleys to get good water frontage. We can situate you on your own private estate all the way to on top of a mountain—the choice is yours.

View Overlooking Brasstown Valley in Martin's CreekLand Tracts—A virtually endless category, land tracts is usually no less than 3 acres. You can have smaller acreage all the way to hundreds of acres. Often you will have to run power, put in driveways, clear homesites, and many things like that. If it sounds like a cumbersome task, don’t worry about it! We have many very reputable contractors who can take care of everything for you from start to finish. The beauty of many land tracts is that you can make it your own and do most anything you like with it.



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