Three Murphy, NC Fitness and Exercise Centers Beckon to Workout Fans

If your New Year’s resolutions include dragging yourself off the couch and getting in better shape, you’ve got plenty of company. In fact, thousands of folks across the country are flooding into their local gyms right now to exercise and get in shape. Here in Murphy, NC, you’ll find three convenient workout facilities that can help you get healthier during any time of year.

First, check out the Peachtree Athletic and Rehabilitation Center, or PARC, operated by Murphy Medical Center. When you enter this nicely equipped facility, near the hospital in Peachtree, you’ll meet knowledgeable staff who can kick-start your fitness program. Whether you’re a casual exerciser who wants to step up the pace, or you haven’t been to a gym in 20 years, your PARC membership includes free targeted personal training sessions.

PARC provides impressive weight training equipment, plus an outdoor track where you can rack up some laps and get some cardio benefits. And speaking of vigorous exercise, regular racquetball sessions will tone your muscles and help reduce stress. If you’re a high-energy dance class fan, or a confirmed yoga enthusiast, you’ll find opportunities to indulge your favorite exercise. Afterward, reward yourself with some sauna time. Finally, remember that PARC also serves as Murphy Medical Center’s outpatient rehabilitation facility, offering several therapies under one roof.

Next, head to downtown Murphy, home of the Hiwassee Valley Pool and Wellness Center. If you’re heading down Valley River Avenue past the Post Office, the huge white pool dome makes a great winter landmark, allowing members to swim when it’s freezing outside. During the summer, the dome comes down, and the pool becomes a magnet for families and sun worshippers. The pool frequently hosts water aerobics and water arthritis classes, along with plenty of lap-swimming sessions. In fact, some lap swimmers begin or end their workday with an invigorating workout.

If you prefer land-based exercise, visit the weight training room, equipped with some serious resistance training equipment. Maybe you’d rather burn up some miles on the treadmill, or sweat it out on the elliptical machine, while listening to tunes via your headphones. Or, glue yourself to one of several big-screen TVs while you stride or climb away.

Finally, sample some of the Wellness Center’s diverse classes. If you’re an exercise newbie, try a cardio & toning, Tai Chi, or senior fit class. Intermediate exercisers enjoy the step, fit ball, Pilates, and yoga workouts. The high-intensity Tabata, Zumba, and Marine fitness classes will really target those holiday calories. Senior exercisers love the Silver Sneakers workouts, guaranteed to build camaraderie while you keep your body moving.

If you’re an exercise purist, you might find CrossFit a good match. CrossFit is a relatively new core strength and conditioning program, designed to help your body conquer demanding physical challenges. Whether you’re a firefighter, ski racer, ballet dancer, service member, or just serious about being fit, CrossFit can give you that extra edge.

If this exercise philosophy intrigues you, check out Murphy CrossFit, located in the Valley Village shopping center near the DMV Tag Office. Behind this no-frills Murphy, NC storefront, you’ll find a roomy facility that’s big on serious workouts.

Although each CrossFit gym has its own equipment mix, look for Olympic weights and benches, specialized rowing machine, parallel bars and rings, rope climbing gear, kettlebells, medicine balls, and good old-fashioned jump ropes. Used properly, this unlikely combination of equipment can give you impressive results. Like any intensive workout, though, you’ll increase your chances of success (and decrease your odds of ending up in the hospital’s Rehab Program) by working with a CrossFit trainer. It’s a great locally owned business with some wonderful people there.

Get fit and let us know what we can do to help you with your real estate needs right here in Murphy NC.

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