Winterizing Your Home in Murphy NC


It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping. Winter is right around the corner. Don’t let that mean you have broken pipes and damage to your house. This is the perfect time to start thinking about winterizing your home, and if this doesn’t apply to you feel free to share this with somebody that it could be helpful to.

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How to Protect Your Well from Freezing Temperatures

We are blessed to live in Murphy, NC. A home where we enjoy moderate temperatures throughout all four seasons. However, that does not mean that you can’t prepare for extremely cold weather! Last year, we saw temperatures dip down to 0°! Now that winter is just around the corner, you should prepare and make sure your well is protected from freezing temperatures so you can enjoy a constant water supply throughout the winter.

Supplies you should gather and/or purchase:

  • An extension cord long enough to reach from a power supply to your well
  • A good quality utility light
  • Thermo Cube Picture40 watt STANDARD bulb – NOT a fluorescent or LED (you need heat, not energy efficiency)
  • A Thermo Cube (optional – this simple device will turn the light on and off automatically as needed. It can be purchased on Amazon)
  • You can opt to buy heat strips you can wrap around your well pipes from many hardware stores. If you go this route, you may not need the above items depending on its features. Personally, I prefer the lightbulb method. It is easy to test and ensure the system is working and also keeps the ambient air temperature in the entire well house/cover warm as opposed to strips that may only keep a certain spot warm.

Heres what to do with your supplies:

  1.  Well PictureRun your extension cord to the well and then plug in your Thermo Cube FIRST, if you opt to have one.
  2. Plug in your utility light next and leave it ON.
  3. Put the light and the plug under the protection of your well cover or house.
  4. And last but not least, keep your electrical parts elevated above ground in the event water does leak. You don’t want to damage any components should that happen.

Beside here is a picture of our well at home and you can see the utility light on and operational just left and below of the center of the picture. Be sure it’s not touching anything that can catch fire. It needs to be safely secured using zip ties or something similar. Put the well cover/house back over and, voila! You’re done!

Read our page on how to cheaply winterize your home so it is protected from freezing weather and temperatures.

Also read our page on how to unwinterize your house.

Good luck and stay warm!

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Winter – the Best Time to Sell Real Estate in Murphy NC

“I’ll wait till the Spring to sell my property, then I’ll do it.” I hear this rather frequently. It’s as though the spring season sells real estate itself.

Mountain Cabin House in SnowThe upcoming winter wonder land will do a lot for us – it will bring about three of my personal favorite holidays. It will unite family members who haven’t seen each other in far too long. It’ll bring warm cups of marshmallow embedded cocoa around warm, crackling fireplaces. Yes, winter brings people together in ways no other season can. It also sells real estate.

Contrary to an incorrect popular belief, real estate sells well in Murphy, North Carolina in the middle of winter. Why or how you might ask? First my experience then facts.

I’ll let you in on a privy secret. Yes, buyer volume decreases slightly in winter. However, the buyer quality skyrockets. Buyers become more willing and dedicated to finding the home or land they want to purchase. Although I can’t explain it, it is certainly true. The best I can think of it is if someone travels all the way to Murphy to look at real estate while it’s cold outside, they certainly want to find their parcel. Not only that, the cat is out of the bag. Winter is one of the best times to buy. You can see the way land lays, the neighbors and surrounding land, and even the potential views the property has. Winter truly reveals more about the property than Spring or Summer could even dream of.

Now for the facts. The first quarter of 2008 produced outstanding results. In fact 19 homes and 20 parcels of land sold per month – that’s 39 properties sold each and every month, in the dead of winter! When an average of 1.3 properties are selling per day, that’s really good by pessimist’s standards. 39 property owners went against popular belief and fully succeeded in selling their property – why would you want to miss that opportunity?

Couple 1.3 sales per day with the reality that winter is when folks coming in Spring begin their research. They begin compiling the list of homes and land for sale they want to see in person when they get here. I’ve had buyers watch a house for months eagerly awaiting to see it! If your property is actively advertised during that time, you get the exposure to those “Springers” you would otherwise miss.

Truth is, now is an extraordinary time to list and sell your property. If you want to find out what your property’s value is in today’s market, call The POLTROCK TEAM or your Realtor today. While those who believe winter is a bad time, you can capitalize on their popular belief. While they’re missing a huge opportunity, you can seize the moment.

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The Weather, Climate, and Rainfall of Murphy, North Carolina

Temperatures can vary depending on your exact location and elevation within Cherokee County. Mornings are chilly in the spring and quite comfortable during the day. However, it has been known to snow at the end of April! Summer daytime temps vary and can be warm and slightly humid while nights are quite comfortable. We often experience afternoon thundershowers. In autumn, you feel the temperatures take a dip and you can see its effects with the brilliant colors of fall leaves on the mountainsides. Winter is traditionally cool (or cold depending on your inclination). Snow is common in the higher elevations beginning mid-November. Snow falls are commonly 2-3 inches and last long enough to enjoy but not too long to become cumbersome. If Florida is too hot and Michigan is too cold, you will find Murphy just right.

Climate and Rain Fall Information for Murphy NC

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