Mountain View Lot For Sale in Pied Piper

Mountain View from LandHere’s an excellent new lot to come up for sale in Sierra Village off of Pied Piper.  Be sure to check out the You Tube Video Tour located below!

It has a great price on it, and be sure to click the picture if you’d like the current price on it.

It has a roughed in home site, driveway, and underground utilities! It’s right off of High Ridge Road which is completely paved. Pied Piper Drive is currently a county maintained gravel road, yet is on the county docket to be paved. Woo hoo!

This piece of real estate is SOLD!

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Holy Cannoli!!! They Sold It 68.5% FASTER Than the Market – AGAIN!!!

Liberty Circle AcreageWow! The POLTROCK TEAM sold this +/- 6.9 Acre tract in the Hiwassee Dam Community in 67 days!!! That’s 68.5% faster than the market’s average of 213 days for land!


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Flip This House… But Isn’t Flipping Illegal??? Not the investor’s ethical kind!

Everyone is an investor in some form, fashion, or another. You may own stocks, bonds, have a bank C.D., or own real estate. There’s many ways to make money in real estate – rent, leases, appreciation, and more.

During the housing boom, flipping houses was almost a national pastime. Shows like Flip This House, Flipping Out, and Flip That House attracted huge viewing audiences, and nearly every book in Amazon’s real estate top sellers category had the word “flipping” in its title.

If you mention house flipping to a real estate or law enforcement professional, however, they are more likely to think that you are talking about committing a crime. To them, the word “flip” is a nasty four-letter word. HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) declared it so when it released its FR (Final Rule)-4615 Prohibition of Property Flipping.

So, is flipping good or bad? Legal or illegal?

Well, that depends which form of flipping you’re talking about. The illegal variety consists of selling a home multiple times over a relatively short period in order to artificially inflate the home’s value and cash out the inflated equity. To begin, a con artist will purchase a home (typically a dilapidated property that costs very little).

He or she will then obtain an inflated appraisal for the property – by finding an appraiser willing to go along with the scam, stealing an appraiser’s identity to forge a fake appraisal, or using a phony appraisal document. The con artist can then apply for a loan for the inflated amount. (Or, the con artist will apply for the loan and then, with the help of a cooperative loan officer, obtain the inflated appraisal to present to the lender.) In either case, the con artist usually takes out the loan in the name of a straw buyer (someone who owns the home in name only) or by using a fake or stolen identity.

Eventually, the house flipper either sells the home to somebody who is unaware of its true value or abandons the home.

That’s illegal flipping in a nutshell.

Legal flipping consists of buying a home for less than its true market value (usually at least 20 percent less), fixing it up, and then selling it at or near its true market value. This fix-and-flip approach is the type of flipping they do on TV shows like Flip This House and Flip That House. It is a shrewd and honorable way to earn a buck in real estate.

As a consumer, knowing the difference between the two types of flipping is important. Know the illegal form of flipping so you don’t break the law or get stuck with an overpriced piece of real estate that’s being used in a flipping scheme. Know the legal form of flipping, so you can fix and flip your way to wealth in real estate.

About the Author: Ralph R. Roberts, GRI, CRS is an experienced real estate investor and consultant and the author of Flipping Houses For Dummies (John Wiley & Sons).

In working with The POLTROCK TEAM, you won’t have to worry about becoming the prey of an illegal flipping scheme when you’re looking to buy a home or land in the mountains. It’s extremely important, no matter where you are, to work with a Realtor who’s looking out for your best interest so your investment doesn’t become a bogus one.

If you’re looking to invest in the mountains and want to do the legal flipping by purchasing a great property to make money in the short term or long term, let us know! We come across great values, not every day, but regularly and need people who are looking to invest. Call us us today and let me know! Not only that, subscribe to our blog and you can find out great values as we come across them!

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The POLTROCK TEAM did it AGAIN! SOLD in 7 days!

203 Willow Tree Lane

The POLTROCK TEAM just did it again! This beautiful home located in the Ranger Community is now officially off the market! The new owner is moving in, probably as this is written, to enjoy their new home.

Located almost directly across from the Cherokee County Industrial Park (which is really a county owned area for storage of machinery such salt trucks, etc.) on Willow Tree Lane, it has convenient access to Highway 64 and is only minutes away from the town of Murphy.

Congratulations on your new home, and if you are thinking of selling, call us today to find out how you can achieve great results like this!


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Your Order’s Ready! Nottley River Lots Coming Right Up!

Great news! I just met with a couple who has developed one the best river community I’ve seen in Murphy yet!  They’re getting ready to come up for sale, so keep posted! Located right on the Nottley River in the Culberson community, there are 9 gorgeous river front lots, 3 of which also have creek frontage! There’s to be a nice community area right on the river to picnic and enjoy the water rushing by.

Although I’ll leave it an unnamed community until its fully ready to be on the market, it has 29 amazing lots. They’re quiet, peaceful, and fully loaded! They all have river access on Nottley, septic permits, and underground utilities – including community water! Prices are to be very competitive to the market with an amazing opportunity coming up! Email me at if you want to reserve yours!!


The Nottley River flows from Lake Nottley (formed by the TVA, or Tennessee Valley Authority) about 40 miles to flow into the Hiwassee Reservoir[wikipedia], better known as the Lake Hiwassee here. It has wonderful trout fishing and is simply a scenic river to watch!

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Welcome to Our New Blog!!

Welcome to our new weblog! In a continuing effort to bring better search results for our customers, clients, and friends looking for information on real estate and more in the Murphy area, we decided to go with a company that specializes in blogs! Before, we used GoDaddy, and results were disappointing because it did not make content easy to find.

Now we’re good to go! Content will be easier for you, the user, to find on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more. Please feel free to visit us any time at .  We also encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to our updates and have them automatically sent to you.

One bad aspect of the switch is that you will find many of our older pictures previous of this post are lost for good. We will attempt to change some, but in most cases it is too cumbersome of an undertaking.

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*SOLD* 4/3 Chalet Home on Sunset Mountain!

 The POLTROCK TEAM did it again! This property is now sold!


 Property Address: 981 Sunset Lane; Murphy, NC 28906

Click Here for the Current Price and Additional Photos

As part of our continuing YouTube campaign to use video tours instead of the old school virtual tours, we bring you this great new home! Video is a far superior way of viewing a home because it shows you much more of the real thing than a virtual tour which is much more selective and only shows what the agent wants you to see.

So rather than me tell you about the stainless steel appliances, amazing long range mountain view overlooking Brothers Restaurant and more, the basement, the 2 car garage, chalet style, loft, high speed Internet, and more, I’ll just let you watch the video to your right! Enjoy!

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Thank You for Making RE/MAX #1 in not just Murphy, but all of Cherokee County!!!

Thank you to everyone who made RE/MAX #1! Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX – Now fact in Cherokee County – which is Murphy and Andrews, North Carolina!

 Cherokee Scout Advertisement

About 4 years ago, David Ritz (who is also my brother-in-law) left a prominent real estate company here and opened up RE/MAX. A completely new idea in our area, the new real estate phenomenon started in a small office and grew in just four short years from the underdog to the #1 selling real estate office – period. Now in the new office – Cornerstone – it has gone from not only a real estate company, but to a landmark in our community.


We look forward to bringing another successful year at the end of 2008. We appreciate all your support and are excited about helping you find homes and land that will make your dreams of the mountains become a reality!


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This ad is from our Cherokee Scout Newspaper Ad showing where we closed a property every other day with all the homes and land pictures in the background.

Tarheel West – The Ultimate Mountain Cabin Getaway For Sale

This home is now SOLD Real Estate in Murphy NC!

Tarheel West Drive
Great Mountain Home for Sale


  • 3 bedroom, 2 bath mountain home
  • Gorgeous decorations accentuate this home excellently!
  • Better than a new construction home!
  • Featured with an American Home Shield Select Warranty
  • Sits on approximately 7.48 killer acres!
  • Rock Lined Creeks and own your own waterfall!
  • Private everything! Well, Drive, and your home! Never see another neighbor again
  • Ten minute walk to Lake Hiwassee
  • Point in common with United States Forest Service
  • 5 minutes and 28 seconds from the square of Murphy
  • Paved Road Frontage right up to the driveway
  • Back porch overlooks the acreage, creeks, and hear the waterfall’s echo
  • Great wood burning rock fireplace
  • More storage than you’ll find at any other cabin
  • We have a floor plan and would be happy to email it to you
  • Central Heat Pump – works both heating and air conditioning
  • Great Country kitchen with top notch appliances

Now that this property is sold, be sure to check out Our Murphy NC Real Estate Listings for Sale currently.

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Real Estate For Sale Magazines in Murphy

We’ve got our first cover! We’re quite excited about having the cover of Southern Home Market magazine. I personally did the layout to ensure its going to be a great issue. It’s a great prowl front chalet home that is great! I look forward to posting the image of the cover when it comes out.

I’ll use this opportunity to explain the difference between many of the magazines in our area. We have currently two real estate magazines in the Murphy NC area: Southern Home Market and Homes for Sale in the Mountains. Homes and Land will also be reintroduced to our area. I’ll be advertising a full page in their first issue to test their effectiveness.

Homes for Sale in the Mountains is a larger, more expensive magazine. I advertised in it for 2006 and sold only one house from it. Sellers – it’s gone. It doesn’t bring enough focus to your property to keep it. Not only that, it’s much larger and I feel that because of that, your property gets “lost” in all the others. It has too many strikes against it to be an effective advertising strategy for your house or land.

Southern Home Market is the current real estate magazine I advertise. They are far more flexible, less expensive, get more calls, and is not so large to where your property is lost. Because of the increased interest in your property, it has been the hands down best choice.

Even though print exposure is important, it’s far from the most important thing. Want to learn more about what to do for your home in Murphy, North Carolina to make it more appealing to a buyer? Email or call us and we’ll be happy to share our marketing plan.

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