Skilled Realtor and Versatile Support Staff Help Murphy, NC Home Buyers to Realize Their Dream

When Brian and Marjorie Kearney began searching for Murphy, North Carolina mountain homes, they wanted to work with a realty agent with a proven record of buying and selling success. The couple was impressed by The Poltrock Team’s strong brand presence, and decided to work with the group to purchase a property.

Brian and Marjorie partnered with highly experienced realtor Wayne Cofer, who proved very knowledgeable about the Murphy, NC real estate landscape and homes for sale. Wayne also shared valuable details about places and events of interest. He happily answered the couple’s questions, and they never felt rushed or pressured to make a home buying decision. Wayne remained focused on helping his clients find the mountain home they wanted, and they were thrilled when their search led them to the perfect property.

During the Kearney’s real estate transaction, The Poltrock Team’s expert staff consistently answered the home buyers’ questions and provided outstanding communication with the buyers and seller. Overall, Brian and Marjorie had a positive real estate experience. They would rate the team a “10” for their superb client service, and would gladly work with this group of high achievers again.

After settling into their Murphy, North Carolina mountain home, Brian and Marjorie spoke with several neighbors who also shared their positive real estate experiences with Re/MAX and with Wayne Cofer. Upon listening to these accounts, Brian and Marjorie knew they had chosen the right real estate partners. These satisfied clients hope to spend many happy years enjoying their beautiful home.

“We first learned about The Poltrock Team through the Internet, and we decided to work with them because of their strong brand name. We partnered with Wayne Cofer, who was exceptionally knowledgeable about the Murphy, North Carolina real estate market and available homes. He explained a lot about the area, and told us where to find and do different things that may interest us. Wayne was in no hurry, and he didn’t pressure us to make a decision. His focus was always on what we wanted. In fact, Wayne went “above and beyond,” as he was glad to answer our questions at any time of the day.

Throughout our home purchase transaction, team members were most helpful in answering our questions and providing good follow-up. We were especially pleased with the group’s consistent communication during the process. Overall, we had a great real estate buyer experience, and we would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their excellent service. We would absolutely work with them in the future.

After we purchased our home, we met several neighbors who had also had positive real estate experiences with Re/MAX and with Wayne Cofer. These conversations confirmed our beliefs, and solidified our commitment to The Poltrock Team.

We hope to have many happy years in our Murphy, NC mountain home. If people are as honest and welcoming as Wayne was, we are truly going to be very happy new homeowners. We hope to enjoy many happy years here.”

Brian & Marjorie Kearney
Murphy, NC