Septic Permits Issued in Cherokee County, North Carolina

Many of you know the amount of backlog we have had in our septic permit issues. Trust me buyers – they’re a good thing for you, especially if you aren’t planning on building right away. The Cherokee County Health Dept. has made a pain for most of us, but for the standard buyer, you can turn it to your advantage. Sellers- you need to apply for a permit as soon as you put your property on the market.

Either way, here are some interesting numbers I think you need to know to see what’s occuring:

Total Applications Received Improvement Permits Issued
January 171 113
February 190 109
March 109 171
April 210 91
May 265 129
June 49 140
Total Year 1,079 869

As a total, you can see where more permits are requested than issued. We’re still 6 months out, but you still have the alternative. Soil Scientists are a good alternative in the Murphy (Cherokee County) area. There’s been a state law applied where a permit can be issued by a soil scientist instead of just through the health dept. In fact, I just received a permit in about 2 weeks! Ask me how and I’ll be happy to tell you the process and who to talk to.

John Michael Poltrock – REMAX Properties – Murphy, NC – –