Satisfied Seller Enjoys Fast Sale and Friendly Service When Selling Her Murphy, NC Home

I decided it was time to sell my Murphy, North Carolina home. I began searching for a knowledgeable realtor to guide me through the process, and someone in my church family told me about The Poltrock Team. Because of the agency’s good reputation, I decided to work with their real estate agent to sell my house.

During my real estate transaction, the entire team was very helpful in getting all the documents needed to sell my home. My realtor listed my property on the MLS, and it sold in less than three weeks. I cannot thank you enough for selling my house so fast.

Overall, I had a very good real estate experience. The Poltrock Team’s real estate agent, and all the team members, were friendly and willing to work with me to sell my house. They made me feel like family – very comfortable and at ease.

I would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their outstanding service. I would absolutely work with them in selling a home (or buying a home) in the future.

Nancy Buyser
Knoxville, TN