Satisfied Buyer Finds the Perfect Murphy, NC Log Cabin

When Patricia Mogan began her quest to find a Murphy, NC log cabin, she fortunately discovered The Poltrock Team. Patricia was impressed with the team’s reputation for achieving top results, so she decided to partner with them to find the best mountain home for sale. Patricia worked with stellar realtor Donna Srabian, who’s known for her excellent service and easy availability to her clients.

As a new out-of-town buyer with limited time to visit, Patricia appreciated Donna’s strong knowledge of the area and available homes. Patricia was also grateful that Donna was able to help locate the resources needed to move the property transaction forward.

Looking at her overall customer experience, Patricia is convinced that Donna Srabian’s help and expertise were key to an easy, successful real estate property transaction. This super-pleased home buyer knows that Donna will do the best job for other clients as well. With a top notch real estate experience under her belt, she would be happy to work with The Poltrock team on a future visit.

“I learned about The Poltrock Team while doing a new online search for Murphy, North Carolina log cabins and homes. Because the team had a very solid reputation, I decided to work with them.

During my real estate sale transaction, my agent Donna Srabian was most helpful in assisting me with finding resources I needed as an out-of-town buyer. Donna is very knowledgeable about the area, and she’s available at any time. You will be super happy if you choose her to represent you!

Based on my recent customer experience, I would absolutely work with The Poltrock Team again.”

Patricia Mogan
Jefferson, GA