Out-of-Area Seller Enjoys Peace of Mind when Selling Her Murphy, NC Cabin

After owning her Murphy, North Carolina mountain home for several years, Karen Covert knew the time was right to sell the property. Naturally, this savvy seller did considerable research before choosing an agent to handle the transaction.

During the search process, The Poltrock Team became a leading candidate, as Karen had seen the agency’s ads and viewed references from satisfied clients. After careful evaluation, Karen hired this group of high achievers to place her mountain cabin for sale, knowing they were the right professionals for the job.

The Poltrock Team’s top-notch agents and staff got to work right away. John Poltrock decided on a realistic listing price, and the team members continued to provide their expertise and logistics assistance throughout the process. Karen was particularly pleased that the team handled many transaction details via phone calls and emails, as she lived 1,100 miles away.

Overall, Karen was delighted with her real estate experience. She would gladly award The Poltrock Team a “10” for their exemplary service, and would be happy to work with them again. She was especially grateful for John Poltrock’s help, as he gave her great peace of mind by making the process simple and easy. As she begins the next chapter of her life, Karen has become a Poltrock Team fan for life.

”I learned about The Poltrock Team by viewing their ads and obtaining references. After much consideration, I decided to work with the agency to sell my Murphy, NC mountain cabin. I felt they were exactly what I needed.

During my real estate transaction, the team very generously provided their expertise and assistance. Everything was done for me, which I greatly appreciated because I lived 1100 miles away. Overall, I had a great selling experience. I would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their service, and I would absolutely work with them again.

Working with John at Re/MAX was a gratifying experience. Knowing that he was taking care of everything, because I lived so far away, made the process simple and provided me peace of mind. Thank you, Re/MAX! You rock!”

Karen Covert
Vitae, WI