My fun camping trip to Lake Hiwassee

Me and my Aunt Jenny went to Hiwassee Lake. We had a lot of fun.

We had a ride on her boat. We loaded her boat at the Hanging Dog camp ground area. I got to ride in the tube behind the boat. Me and the boys rode the tube. It was bumpy sometimes. It was very fun and fast. I fell off one time and so did Brad. Lucas fell off two times. After we were done, we were tired. We ate dinner, and then Jenny lit some fireworks. We had one that made a parachute guy fall down. There were others, but they fell into the lake. We sat and watched them and we liked them.

The people I went with were Brad, Shawn, Lucas, Lucas’s dad, Lucas’s grandpa, Aunt Jenny, and Chris. We all had a lot of fun.

Our campground was very nice. To get to it, we had to ride the boat since it was on the U.S. Forest Service land. We had a camp fire ring made out of rocks. We camped in a tent and slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. There was a big mud pit! It was filled with the squishiest mud ever! We had to get in the water to wash it off when we were done playing in it. Afterward, we went fishing. There were hardly any fish to catch. I still was able to catch one. Brad didn’t catch one. Lucas was generous enough to share his with him. Shawn caught one – it was skinny.

Early in the morning, I went fishing. I had a bite or two, but I didn’t reel in the handle fast enough. I even got to chop a tree with a hatchet.

When I left, I broke out in rashes. They were everywhere! Just a few minutes before, I was eating some little squishy tablets like Gushers. Then I played with some kind of bug. It could’ve made the rash. Aunt Jenny rushed me back to Hanging Dog where John Michael (a.k.a. Dad) picked me up and gave me Benadryl. That was the end of my trip.

Next time, I’ll have more than that, and that’s the truth! Next time, we’ll write about Florida and when I went to Disney World.

By: Katie Peacock (who’s still a Poltrock! and even a Ritz!