Maintaining the right moisture level in your home

Did you know there’s a level of "Relative Humidity" to keep your home’s air at? If your house is like mine in the winter, everything seems to dry out. The weather and time of year really can have a lot to do with it. My clock has a digital hygrometer built in, so I’m able to track what the air is like. Here lately, it seems to stay around 33%. What does that mean exactly?

If your house is at 30% or less – its too dry. This can cause problems just like excessive moisture. Your skin dries out, drywall will crack or gap in areas, you’ll be more susceptive to colds

If your moisture level (relative humidity) is above 50% – you’re too moist. This can lead to mold, allergy concerns, rot, damage electronic equipment, and other things can occur if its too high.

With all of that said, you should try to maintain your household humidity around 45%. Simple humidifiers (or dehumidifiers if you’re too moist) can help the situation. You can have whole-house units installed by a local HVAC company that will do the trick. Not only that, they can provide professional recommendations that will make your air in your home safer and healthier.

Two Local Heating and Air Contractors:

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  • Elliott’s Heating and Cooling – 828-837-4364


Want more? Read the article I am came across at USA Today that answered a lot of my questions.


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