Liquor Law Passes in the Town of Murphy, NC

Last week, the town of Murphy NC and Andrews NC held an election on whether alcohol sales could happen inside the city limits. As it turns out, Murphy voted “YES” while Andrews voted “NO.” Don’t get me wrong, both elections were very close and could have easily gone either way. The last vote on this issue was turned down 55% to 45%.

With that said, many restaurants and other stores are moving to obtain permits for the sales of alcohol. Those of you who enjoy drinks with dinner, next time you’re in town enjoying dinner, you’ll have that option! Many restaurants such as Doyles Cedar Hill Restaurant, possibly Shoebooties (pure speculation on my part), and any others that are inside the city limits – which is the catch. I believe we’ll see several requests for annexation of businesses into the city limits since they have to be inside the city to sell beer and mixed drinks according to the new law.

Several convenience stores are battling with their own moral implications in selling beer out of their stores. Fatback’s Citgo is one of high-traffic convenience stores inside the city limits and he remains uncertain as to whether to move forward with alcohol sales. Being in a highly religious and heavily baptist area, many of the church groups have put a lot of pressure against the sales, and many worry about the impact their influence will have.

Final Results on the Vote:

  • Permit on-site sale of malt beverages in Class A restaurants and off-site sale by other permittees in Murphy:
    • Yes – 258
    • No – 238
  • Permit the sale of mixed beverages in restaurants and other licensed venues in Murphy:
    • Yes – 251
    • No – 243
  • Permit the on-premises sale of malt beverages in Class A restaurants in Andrews:
    • Yes – 151
    • No – 178
  • Permit the on-premises sale of mixed drinks in licensed venues in Andrews:
    • Yes – 152
    • No – 178

Did you know Anheuser Busch made this many varieties of beer? All of this could be coming to a convenience store near us…

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