How to Get the Maximum Value from Your Real Estate Experience

Preparing to buy or sell a Murphy, North Carolina home is an exciting proposition. You’re ready to progress to another chapter in your life, and you’d like the entire process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Naturally, your realtor also wants you to have a good home-buying or home-selling experience.

To realize the best outcome, do your homework before you first meet with the realtor. Do some research, gather documents if needed, and generally “get your ducks in a row.”

When you take time to do that, your realtor can do the most effective job in the timeliest fashion. Whether you’re buying or selling, here are some valuable tips that will help you enjoy a good real estate experience.

Preparing to Buy a Home
Once you begin searching for a home, the process will probably go very quickly. Based on your stated preferences, your realtor will take you on numerous showings within a few days. While viewing all the houses will be fun, it’s also important to remember your underlying goal.

By giving your realtor clear direction before the process begins, they can target the homes that are likely to check all the boxes. And, that may also help you to feel more focused and better able to identify the “right” house when it appears.

Specify Your Time Frame
Tell your realtor about your home purchase time frame. If you’re crystal clear about your decision, and are ready to pull the trigger, share your commitment to a quick resolution.

On the flip side, you may be in the beginning stages of your search, and you won’t be ready to complete the purchase for several months or even a year. Either situation is fine, but your realtor needs that information so they can develop the best strategy.

List Your “Must Haves” and “Wants”
Before purchasing a product, you’re probably clear on why you’re buying the item and what basic functions it should perform. If you haven’t done that yet, it will be hard to focus your search and find the right item.

In the case of a blender, for example, this countertop kitchen appliance should be able to whip up your favorite smoothie in just a few seconds. That’s your “must have” factor.

Beyond that, you’d prefer a blender with 10 different settings, a super-powerful motor, and ice-crushing and nutrient-extracting capabilities. And because you have a small kitchen with minimal counter space, you’d like the blender to have a very small footprint. Those are the “wants” in the equation. Chances are, you’re not going to find all of them in a single machine.

The same analogy applies to buying a home. If you haven’t thought about your needs vs your wants, it will be difficult to know when you find the right property. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have too many “wants,” you won’t find the right house, either.

To avoid this maddening situation, list your ideal home’s “must have” attributes along with a list of your “wants.” And, also include things you really don’t want in a home. Your realtor will greatly appreciate this information, as that will save valuable time and streamline your home search process.

Consider Quality-of-life Variables
Along with a home’s specific attributes, other variables will likely factor into your home purchase. These “quality of life” considerations may relate to the home’s distance from your and/or your partner’s job. The home’s proximity to good shopping and dining venues may also be important.

For a household with school-aged children, a good-quality school district may be important. A safe walkable neighborhood, and nearby recreational opportunities, are also key factors for many families.

Obtain a Mortgage Pre-qualification
Before you begin your whirlwind home tour, ask your realtor to guide you through the mortgage prequalification process. There are two advantages to completing this step before you begin touring houses.

First, you’ll learn which homes are in your price range, and that will help your realtor narrow the search parameters. When you’re ready to make an offer, your pre-qualification status will establish you as a serious buyer.

For reference, there’s a difference between mortgage prequalification vs mortgage pre-approval. The pre-qualification (or the first step) is based on data that you submit, and tells you the amount of a loan you’ll likely be able to obtain. The pre-approval (the second step) is based on a live mortgage application, along with your submittal of data required for an official credit and financial history check. If everything goes well, you’ll receive a mortgage pre-approval up to a certain amount.

Record Details of Your Home Showings
While touring numerous homes in one day, it will be difficult to remember each property’s details. To keep them fresh in your mind, take plenty of photos and notes. If possible, jot down an overall impression of each home.

Throughout the day, compare homes to each other, and eliminate the “so-so” houses that don’t impress you. Again, that helps your realtor to hone in on that perfect property that magically checks all your important boxes.

If possible, leave time to revisit the top homes on the day’s list. You’ll leave each property with the details fresh in your mind, and you might even decide to jump in with an offer.

How Our Client Concierge Can Help
When you decide it’s time to purchase a home, you may wonder how to choose the right realtor and get the process started. Or, let’s say you call The Poltrock Team’s office to inquire about a listing we advertised.

Either way, you’ll have a pleasant conversation with Sarah Thompson, our gracious Client Concierge who expertly assists clients who are just beginning their search for the right home. Sarah will efficiently provide specifics on properties for sale, and she’ll bring each buyer together with the realtor who can best meet their needs. And, Sarah will also furnish relevant details on home purchase financing options.

While Sarah provides invaluable assistance to home buyers, her efforts also benefit our home sellers. By quickly handling buyer inquiries, Sarah sets the stage for home showings and eventual property sales.

Sarah Thompson is a lifelong Murphy resident and a Murphy High School graduate. She’s pleased to call the area home, and buyers will feel her enthusiasm right away.

Of course, Sarah Thompson is also a valuable member of our market-leading real estate team. Team members also include four well-regarded realtors with unparalleled market knowledge and proven results. Our skilled listing coordinator, closing coordinator, and efficient marketing assistant round out this impressive team. Whether you’re buying or selling, we offer a one-stop real estate resource to every client.

Preparing to Sell a Home
If you’ve made the decision to sell your house, doing your homework ahead of time can help to streamline the listing and selling process. Once our Listing Coordinator places your home on the MLS listings, our realtors (and other agents) can begin showing the property.

Estimate a Listing Price
Although your realtor will furnish you with a market analysis and listing price recommendation, your listing price input is also useful. Maybe you need to realize specific net proceeds to pay off the home’s mortgage.

Or, perhaps you’d like to invest the proceeds in another property, and you need a certain amount of money for that purpose. Either way, a current loan payoff number is very helpful.

Address Land Survey and Utilities Issues
If you have a recent land survey, that’s a definite plus. A professionally prepared land survey will document your property’s physical boundaries. And, providing us with your utility company details will give us needed information for the closing process.

Tell Us Where You’re Going
If you’re selling your home because you’ve found another one, please let us know the timeframe and any relevant details. If you’re moving out of the area, but haven’t yet firmed up the specifics, that information is also helpful. Any details on your post-sale plans will help your realtor (and our team) during the home sale process.

Whether you’re preparing to purchase a Murphy, North Carolina home, or selling a home to begin the next phase of your life, advance preparation is the key. When your realtor has all the relevant details up front, he or she can provide you with a truly satisfying real estate experience.

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