Home Buyer Receives Great Communication and Excellent Service

When Mark Ingersoll began hunting for a mountain home with the best long distance views, he focused on property options for sale in Murphy, NC. When he decided to search online listings on Zillow, he came across The Poltrock Team. Like other customers, Mark asked top realtor Wayne Cofer to help him accomplish his home buying goal.

After Wayne helped Mark to find the best mountain cabin, this highly regarded realtor guided Mark through a very smooth real estate transaction. In fact, Mark can’t say enough about Wayne’s excellent customer care, phone communication, and professionalism. This happy home buyer gave The Poltrock Team a “10” for their outstanding service, and he would gladly work with them the next time.

“I learned about The Poltrock Team during a search on Zillow.com, and I asked them to help me buy a home in Murphy, North Carolina.

Overall, I had a very smooth real estate experience with The Poltrock Team. Wayne was excellent. He was most helpful in providing me with outstanding phone and email communication – something that’s very important for all customers.

After this experience, I would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their top service, phone, and email support. The next time I look for a home, I would absolutely ask them to help me.”

Mark Ingersoll
Ormond Beach, FL