Happy Birthday Jessica!

Congratulations! You’re now a year wiser Little do you know that you have a everything-made-from-scratch-and-organic-home-cooked-meal-by-your-favorite-husband. On the menu, pork tenderloins with a fruit salsa, fresh sesame asparagus, sweet potato and apple casserole, biscuits, mac & cheese (for the kids in attendance, of course!), and a home made German chocolate cake!


We love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday.


John Michael Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties in Murphy, NC – JohnPoltrock@gmail.comwww.MyMurphy.com


Follow-up: Thank you to all of you for calling and emailing Jessica to say Happy Birthday! She literally had about 50 emails and a dozen calls! You are much appreciated for making her day even better.