Get These Guidelines for Trout Fishing Near Murphy, NC

Here in Murphy, NC and Cherokee County, trout fishing season is one of the rites of spring. Whether you enjoy bank fishing along a local river, or cruise your boat on one of our scenic lakes, you’ve got plenty of chances to play cat-and-mouse with those wily trout. So gather your fishing gear, buy a fishing license, and get ready to enjoy some quality time on the water in our beautiful mountains.

Learn About Regional Trout Fishing Spots
In our western North Carolina mountains, you’ll find over 3,000 miles of rivers, lakes, and streams that have been designated as public trout fishing waters. Here in our local region, the Valley River, Hiwassee Lake, and the Nantahala River are popular trout fishing destinations.

Whether you cast your line from a convenient bank, wade into an ice-cold mountain stream, or putter along in a drift boat on the lake, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to challenge those crafty trout on their home turf. To learn about fishing destinations in Cherokee County, or similar spots in other western North Carolina counties, view the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s interactive trout fishing map.

Finally, remember that much western North Carolina trout fishing takes place on private property. In other words, landowners have graciously granted anglers public access to their property for fishing purposes. In return, fishing enthusiasts are asked to respect the landowner’s property, and carry out any trash from the fishing expedition.

Get Details on Trout Waters Designations
North Carolina’s designated public trout waters are divided into two groups. Half of the state’s trout waters are stocked with almost one million fish annually, courtesy of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. To accomplish this lofty goal, the Commission closes about 1,000 miles of trout streams every year.

The remaining half of North Carolina’s designated public trout waters host self-sustaining wild trout populations. However, anglers are subject to strict regulations that dictate where and when the trout fishing can take place.

Near each body of water, anglers will see diamond-shaped signs carrying one of the following designations: Wild Trout, Wild Trout/Natural Bait, Hatchery Supported, Catch and Release/Artificial Flies Only, Catch and Release/Artificial Lures Only, Delayed Harvest, or Special Regulation water.

Not surprisingly, each water classification is subject to different regulations, potentially causing lots of confusion among anglers who just want to catch some fish. Get specific information on fishing seasons, creel limits, and other pertinent details at the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website.

Gather Your Trout Fishing Gear
Like many other recreational activities, trout fishing requires a specialized collection of personal gear and equipment. For starters, you’ll frequently be chasing those crafty fish in a local stream or river, so you can’t retrieve fishing gear from your vehicle as needed. In other words, you must carry everything with you.

First, wear a multi-pocketed fishing vest with plenty of room for those “must have” items. Add a rod and reel, bait, a landing net, and a pair of forceps. Buy the best pair of waders you can find, as you’ll want to fend off hypothermia in our chilly mountain waters. And finally, bring a camera to record your best catch(es).

Get Your North Carolina Fishing License
If you plan to fish in North Carolina waters, you MUST have a current state fishing license. Because rules, regulations, and license costs are subject to change, get the most timely information from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website.

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