Funworld in Hiawassee Georgia

I go to Hiawassee, Georgia to go to Funworld. It is very fun there!! To get there, you go on 64 East from Murphy to Hayesville. From Hayesville, you turn right on to 69. At the T intersection, turn left and Funworld is on your right.There’s a big sign and even a movie theater sign, too.

There’s a rock climbing wall in the back. The rock wall is really made of plastic. You have to do it with a rope. When you climb to the top, you can push a button that rings a bell. It’s loud! You might want to cover your ears when you push it.

In the front, there is a big, huge play place where you can shoot balls, throw them, and more! There’s a big slide you should try out. You can only ride down back, straight, or on your bottom. It’s fun because you can hit a bump and bounce the whole way down!

There is a pizza place where you can get any kind of pizza. It is in the back. You might see it if you go there.

There are lots of video games! My favorite is the roll ball. If you get a 1,000 points, you get a bunch of tickets! There’s even a Putt-Putt game. You can play different holes. On the second to last one, it will go right down to the check point.

If you go there, you will see the other games. I’m sure you’ll find them amazing too! I hope you have a fine time!

By Katie Bug – Junior REMAX Agent – Murphy North Carolina –