Fortune Magazine Proclaims its Time to Buy Real Estate Again

That’s right – Fortune Magazine’s April edition spreads the word that it’s time to buy real estate again – especially in Murphy NC (well, maybe he didn’t say Murphy specifically, but I bet he was thinking it! 😆 ) . Not only that, it was the cover story – not just some random article you can hardly find. Here’s an excerpt written by Fortune’s Senior Editor-at-Large, Shawn Tully:

So let’s state it simply and forcibly: Housing is back. Two basic factors are laying the foundation for dramatic recovery in residential real estate. The first is the historic drop in new construction. The second is a steep decline in prices, on the order of 30% nationwide since 2006, and as much as 55% in the hardest-hit markets. The story of this downturn has been an astonishing flight from the traditional American approach of buying new houses to an embrace of renting. But the new affordability will gradually lure Americans back to buying homes. And the return of the homeowner will start raising prices in many markets this year.

What’s his advice for folks on the fence and thinking of buying real estate?

Beat the Crowd.

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