Fixer Upper Home for Sale in Murphy NC with Lots of Land!! CHEAP!

Here’s a true find in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina! It seems like every other person I speak with is looking for a fixer-upper house as a real estate investment – well, look no further!! This 2 bedroom, 1 bath fixer upper is full of history, and best of all, it has 9.66+/- acres of land! Holy CANOLI!

The Home for Sale

This home has a lot of history and is an old homestead for the Radford family, which is an old family name here. The home may or may not be repaired and used for anything. It’s a neat piece of history!

The Land for Sale

The real value in the property resides on the 9.66+/- acres for sale. The land has an old road cut in on it that can easily be cleaned up for use. Just in strolling down the road, I found two very good building spots and many other spots that work, too. It’s right on a paved road, so the access is excellent. It’s in the Hanging Dog Community of Murphy, NC, so there’s a large amount of US Forest Service Land nearby and is not far from Lake Hiwassee access.

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Frequently Asked Questions about this Real Estate

  1. What kind of shape is the home in? It certainly needs a lot of work. In speaking with the owner, I got the impression that it was what I call a “burner-downer.” I was really surprised and impressed when I went through the first time! It really does have potential to be fixed up.
  2. What kind of water source does it have? One of the advantages is it has a relatively new well system for the water supply that I believe could supply both the current home and if more houses were built on the property, it could supply several of them as well.
  3. What’s going on with the bathroom? When the house was originally built, indoor bathrooms were not commonplace. Eventually, a bathroom was added in the most convenient spot – the back porch. It was enclosed as you would expect, but the porch was not built on the same foundation as the rest of the home. Because of that and years later, the porch posts have begun to deteriorate and the bathroom has begun to fall away from the house.
  4. Has the acreage been recently surveyed? Yup!

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