Disney Fun Trip

I had went to Disney World from Murphy, North Carolina. I had a lot of fun. I went with daddy, Erika, Meemaw, Deedaw, Priscilla (she’s a dog), and Peanut (another dog).

I went to Sea World and saw sharks! Different kinds of them. We saw a dolphin show. This girl always wanted to swim with dolphins. She dove from a window and swam with them. Then the cool part came. There was a trapeze guy who was on their nose. They dolphins did flips in the air! They would do normal dives and even circle dives.

Disney had several fun rides. On one, we went to the top of an elevator and fell down 13 floors! We took another elevator where you got to fly in the air and see everything in the park. There was Space Mountain. I got to ride in the front once and the back. You were able to see stars, the Milky Way, Everything in the universe!

You should go sometime! It was very hot, but was worth the trip. It is in Orlando, Florida. I’ve got to go to my first day of school tomorrow, so it’s bed time. That’s all for now!

Katie Peacock (Poltrock) – Future REMAX Agent – REMAX Mountain Properties