Couple Enjoys a Great Experience while Building Their Murphy, NC Mountain Cabin

When Rose Tuthill and John Foster decided to build a Murphy, NC mountain cabin with great views, they began searching for a top-notch area realtor to help them. They learned about The Poltrock Team through an Internet search, and quickly called the agency’s contact number. They immediately connected with Wayne Cofer, who got the ball rolling right away.

Throughout Rose’s and John’s real estate transaction, they appreciated Wayne Cofer’s willingness to “go the extra mile” to keep the process moving and resolve challenges that emerged. In fact, when Wayne heard that the couple’s new North Carolina mountain cabin had lost power, and the electric company estimated that it would take three weeks to fix the problem, Wayne jumped in and got the company to visit the couple’s place the very next day.

Looking back, Rose Tuthill and John Foster most appreciated Wayne Cofer’s positive attitude and sincerity throughout the process. Rose and John also felt that The Poltrock Team’s staff was very helpful and polite; and team members went “above the call of duty” to provide excellent client service. The couple would give the team a “10” for their efforts (really a “20”), and would absolutely work with this powerhouse group again.

We found out about The Poltrock Team via the Internet, and called the contact number for more information. We immediately connected with Wayne Cofer, who found us the best property with amazing views of the mountains. Wayne skillfully guided us through the real estate transaction.

Besides being pleasant and sincere, Wayne provided us with terrific client service. When our power went out, the electric company told us to expect a three-week resolution time frame. When Wayne found out, he got the electric company out to our property the next day!

Throughout our real estate transaction, we were impressed by the team members’ helpful attitudes. We also appreciated their willingness to go “above and beyond” to help us build a home our family will enjoy each time they stay there. We would gladly give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their efforts (actually, a “20”), and we’d be thrilled to work with them again.”

Rose Tuthill and John Foster
Murphy, NC