Cherokee County Total Sales Chart

Here’s a great chart I thought I would share with you. This chart is courtesy of the Cherokee County Mapping Department Staff. They’re a great team located in the same building as the NC Extension Office here in Murphy.

The great thing about these numbers is that it reflects purely sold property in all of Cherokee County with monetary consideration. In other words, Joe giving his son George a piece of land or even inheriting it doesn’t reflect here. There are three lines – improved land parcels (generally houses or homes, even some commercial buildings), unimproved parcels (vacant land and lot tracts), and the total. The great thing about this chart is it reflects properties transfered over our local Realtor Board – the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors – and over person to person transactions.

Its easy to see the market has remained flat and stable over the past several months. The stability has been a blessing – buyers are finding more choices than they’ve had in the past and sellers can rely on market that is not “all over the place.”

If you would like a high-res version of this chart in PDF or JPG, please email me at and I will be happy to send it to you. It may also be requested by making a comment on this blog.

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