Catch This Snapshot of Spring and Summer Weather in Murphy, NC

Here in Murphy, NC and Cherokee County, weather forecasting has become a real spectator sport. You’ll likely hear spirited discussions at the gas station or coffee shop, or among shoppers in the grocery store checkout line, about our region’s notorious wild weather swings.

Spring and summer are especially challenging to predict, as you can encounter multiple sets of weather conditions on the same day. And because of our region’s widely varied elevations, a cool breeze down in the valley can become a chilly wind up on a nearby mountain ridge. If you’re planning a vacation getaway, or getting ready to move to our beautiful mountains, here’s a snapshot of our changeable spring and summer weather.

Savor Our Glorious Mountain Springtime
March 15 – June 15
As you travel our expansive highways and winding local roads, you’ll marvel at mountain ranges that stretch thousands of feet skyward. During the winter months, the hills are painted in browns and grays, with evergreen trees providing intermittent color variations.

When spring arrives, the muted landscape gradually becomes dotted with pale greens as deciduous trees come alive for the season. If you’re patient, you’ll eventually be rewarded with a palette of brilliant greens over every elevation. Through April and May, wild rhododendron, flame azalea, and other flowering trees display stunning riots of color. In other words, springtime in our mountains is spectacular – and not to be missed.

Changeable Springtime Weather
Our springtime weather is always entertaining. For starters, our mid-March daytime temperatures can range from the 40s through the 60s, with colder nighttime lows. As spring progresses, days gradually become warmer but nights can still be chilly. To add to the mix, strong cold fronts frequently blow through, dropping the temperature by at least 10 degrees. Spring snow flurries and even light accumulations are possible through much of April.

Finally, by our region’s May 10 frost date, the weather generally settles down and turns warmer for good. By mid-June, expect daytime highs in the 70s and 80s and nighttime lows in the 40s and 50s. Of course, higher-elevation residents will experience cooler conditions, which can be a relief when it turns muggy down in our valley communities.

Enjoy Summertime in the Mountains
June 15 – September 15
During our region’s summer season, the majestic hills and mountains are transformed into a lush green landscape, with cozy cabins and chalets dotting varied elevations. Under the forest canopy, you might find families taking a day hike together, or you could encounter mountain bikers challenging themselves on a favorite trail. Whitewater rafting and kayaking are also popular, as paddlers welcome the opportunity to cool off while threading their way along icy mountain rivers.

Steamy Summertime Weather
Compared to our region’s often-volatile springtime weather, summertime weather conditions are downright predictable. On most days, you’ll encounter warm-to-hot temperatures with a touch of humidity for good measure. Afternoon thundershowers pop up frequently, although they’re generally localized unless a major weather system is moving through.

As you might expect, daytime temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit, with 90s in the valleys while higher-elevation residents enjoy cooler 70-80 degree temperatures. Nighttime lows range from 55 to 65 degrees, creating an ideal backdrop for an early morning walk or cup of coffee on your deck.

Dressing for the Weather Conditions
Whether you’re visiting Murphy, NC on vacation, or you’re buying a home in our beautiful mountains, you’ll improve your quality of life by staying comfortable in our region’s always-changing weather conditions. On cooler spring mornings, for example, dress in layers so you can shed a sweater or fleece pullover when temperatures warm up during the afternoon. At higher elevations, dress for the current conditions, and be prepared to add another layer if a chilly wind blows across the mountains.

During the warmer summer months, don breathable lightweight clothing that will dry easily in hot and humid conditions. Keep a rain jacket handy, as afternoon thunderstorms are common throughout our region. Grab a light jacket for trips to higher elevations, as temperatures will be considerably cooler at several thousand feet.

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