Buyers Thank Realtor Wayne Cofer for Helping Them to Purchase Their Murphy, NC Dream Home

We want to thank The Poltrock Team, and especially realtor Wayne Cofer, for helping us to find our dream home. Everyone knows that the home you pick to be your retirement home will be the most finicky home you will ever purchase. After all, you have had years to determine what works best for you.

For a little over a year, we had been searching for the right property. We were trying to find a location with everything we needed without the big city lifestyle.

First, we looked at homes in the big online listing services, such as the MLS. Then, we contacted Wayne with a couple of homes that we thought would be just right for us. He agreed to show us those properties, and he also had a couple more homes he thought might work for us.

Wayne showed us the listings we had asked about, and we still didn’t find “the one.” He said he had a new listing that should hit most, if not all, the things we were looking for. We fell in love with the property almost immediately, and decided to purchase it.

As we began the process of buying a home, Wayne provided assistance with local inspections, insurance, and lawyers. He even gave us the names of several mortgage lenders we could work with. Wayne scheduled all the inspections, and he made everything come together smoothly without a hitch.

Wayne said that The Poltrock Team can even assist with contact information for various home services. This valuable information helps to build a reliable network of trusted experts for any new home owner’s needs.

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful activities you will ever engage in. The Poltrock Team did an exceptional job in our home purchase. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

John & Teresa
Haymarket VA