Buyers Enjoy a Smooth Transition to Their North Carolina Mountain Home

John and Mary Engel were ready to sell their Florida residence and find a North Carolina mountains home. While searching for Murphy, North Carolina real estate properties, they sent out several inquiries. The Poltrock Team’s Donna Srabian was the first realtor to respond, and that convinced John and Mary that Donna was the right agent for the job.

After Donna Srabian helped the Engel’s to find the perfect mountain cabin, not far from Asheville, she worked with the couple’s mortgage and title companies to bring their vision to fruition. John and Mary’s Florida-based selling realtor was also actively involved in this successful dual-state transaction.

Looking back, John and Mary Engel can’t say enough about Donna Srabian’s dedication and excellent client service. In their view, Donna and The Poltrock Team went “above and beyond” to provide the couple with an outstanding home buying experience. In fact, these satisfied buyers gave the team an amazing “20” for their superb customer service – which speaks to a job very well done.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team through a real estate property search. Donna was the first realtor to respond to my property inquiry, and that convinced me to work with the team to find a home with great mountain views.

During our realty transaction, Donna efficiently worked with my mortgage company, title company, and selling realtor to handle my Florida sale and North Carolina purchase.

We had an outstanding real estate experience with The Poltrock Team. Donna Srabian and The Poltrock Team exceeded my expectations. Donna Srabian is a GEM!!! She has our utmost respect and appreciation. Thank you, Donna!!!

I would give The Poltrock Team a “20” for their service, and would absolutely work with them again.”

John and Mary Engel
Murphy, NC