Alcohol Sales Spur Requests to be Annexed into town of Murphy NC


Since the vote for alcohol sales for both beer and liquor by the drink on January 8th, many places have been requesting for their property to be annexed into the city of Murphy. The new laws states that the alcohol selling establishment must be in city limits. Fact is, state law requires that “satellite” annexations (properties that are considered part of the city limits but do not actually adjoin city limits) be not more than three miles from the town’s limits.

The mayor, Bill Hughes, is really focusing on two main things: Business that have been part of the city limits and paying city taxes for years before the law was in place and on properties that are contiguous to the city limits (only two requests have been made by adjoining property owners). After that, they will begin considering others.

Interesting thing I wonder is will additional services come along with the annexation? Or will it merely be a way to sell alcohol and just collect additional tax revenue? One of our readers commented some time ago when Lowe’s was annexed stating “Annexation eventually leads to eminent domain abuse.” The town will collect an additional [estimated] $7,000 from sales in alcohol alone.

Currently, all the requests are based on businesses hoping to sell alcohol and boost their revenue as a result. Places like Doyle’s Cedar Hill Restaurant, Shoebooties, and The Daily Grind are actually within the limits and are already setting up bars and the like.

Whether you like it, love it, or loathe it, alcohol is now here and it interesting to see how it impacts the town. If you love it, enjoy it! If you hate it, don’t buy it! Your purchasing power speaks more volume than anything.


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