Agency’s Ad Leads to a Successful Murphy, NC Home Sale

After owning our Murphy, North Carolina home for several years, we decided the time was right to sell the property to a new owner. We began looking for a successful realtor to help us accomplish our goal.

We found out about The Poltrock Team by viewing one of their advertisements. We were impressed by the ad, so we decided to hire this leading real estate agency to help us in selling our home.

Once we got the paperwork completed, The Poltrock Team’s Listing Coordinator quickly added our home to the MLS listings. Our real estate agent soon brought us a buyer.

During our real estate transaction, the team was most helpful in explaining everything really well on a personal level. Overall, we had a great real estate experience, and everything proceeded to a smooth closing.

We would rate The Poltrock Team a “10” for their great real estate client service. We would definitely work with them in buying a home (or selling a home) in the future.

Phyllis and Dewey Forbes
Marble, NC