A Testament to Murphy’s Finest Realtors – from folks who DIDN’T buy real estate!

So many times, you see testimonials from one of our clients who came to Murphy and actually purchased a home or land. Here’s a twist on things – Bob and Judi did not purchase anything… and it was a good thing! We protected their interests so they didn’t by a piece of land they wouldn’t have been able to use. Here’s their testament:

Dear John,
     We are writing to express our appreciation for all that you did in protecting our interest concerning the property in Murphy that we tried to buy.  By following your guidance we did not make the mistake of purchasing a piece of land that was practically useless or may have cost us considerable additional funds to make it usable.  We never thought of the possibility that a septic permit might not be granted (since one had already been issued before but had expired).  
     We also want to thank you for all the courtesy that you extended to us in showing us around.  The many locations that you have driven us to check out and the information that you provided while we traveled this past winter was beyond our expectations.  We have been very impressed with your knowledge of buildings, land and the area around Murphy. 

     We wish you and the rest of the Remax staff much success.  If anything changes in our situation and we decide to sell our land in Georgia or buy in Murphy instead of building, we will call you immediately.  We will keep in touch because we consider you and honest business man and now a friend.  Thanks so much.
God Bless,
Bob and Judi Rinehart
St. Cloud, Florida