A Much Awaited Spring in Murphy, North Carolina – An Article for The Cherokee Scout by John Poltrock

Spring. It’s finally here. After a much colder than normal Winter for not just us, but the entire Southeast and beyond. Spring holds promises of blooming flowers, hummingbirds, and Summer.

I love the Summer and everything about it. Folks are out and about gardening, meeting new friends, playing on the Lake Hiwassee (one of my favorites!), camping, hiking, ATVing (another one of favorites!), spending time at the John C Campbell Folk School, and so much more. The options and opportunities are seemingly endless here in the mountains so long as you’re willing to get up and go enjoy them.

Real estate, too, enjoys the Spring and Summer season.  Buyers excitedly shop around for the home or cabin they’ve been dreaming of and working to get for many years. Sellers anxiously anticipate the buyer who simply loves their home. It’s a great time that builds memories and changes lives for not just a season or a year, but for an entire lifetime.

I still speak to many pessimists who believe the world is crashing in around us… and I’m ready for Spring to change their mind. There’s no doubt I’m a full fledged optimist who believes last year was the year of positive change. That’s right – I did say and did mean last year. 2009. You got it. And its not just optimism, it’s facts.

2008 was simply the worst year we’ve had for real estate in more than a decade. Things changed so rapidly, you couldn’t possibly keep up. 2009 indicators and statistics show strong improvements. 2010 is already showing improvement over 2009. Life is good! We’re witnessing history in the making that historians are going to be talking about for hundreds of years. We’ve lived through one of the most challenging economies the U.S. has seen and must keep moving forward. If you’re still facing hard times, pick your head up and hang in there as best you can. Things are changing for the better.

As things change around us, give us a call and let us help you with your real estate and show you how the changes have affected you. If you’re facing hard times and there’s a home or some land in the way that’s hanging over your head, let us help. That alone can change your family tree faster than almost anything. If you’re doing great and don’t have to sell or just want to, give us a call. If you know now is the best time to buy and want to take advantage of a great opportunity that’s out there for you, give us a call. We’ll point you in the right direction, always be honest with you, and give you that Rockstar service you deserve.

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