8 Tips for Getting Your Murphy, NC Yard Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

With Memorial Day Weekend fast approaching, the summer cookout and barbeque season is almost here. If your Murphy, NC yard and deck have been looking a bit worn after the winter months, here are 8 easy tips that will help get them in shape for those festive get-togethers.

Clear Your Driveway and Walkways: Give your guests a warm welcome by providing a clear path to the party. Use a leaf blower or broom to remove leaf debris and/or grass from your driveway and walkways. Besides creating a favorable first impression, your guests won’t have to pick leaves and grass from their flip-flops.

Line Your Walkways with Solar Lights: If your party will extend into the evening hours, make it easy for your guests to navigate your property in the dark. Line your driveway and walkways with inexpensive solar lights, giving your landscape a “starry” look without breaking the bank.

Spruce Up the Lawn and Garden: If your lawn looks a bit unkempt, mow the grass and/or rake up leaf debris before the party. Take a walk around the property, and address any holes or other trip hazards.

In the flower or vegetable garden, remove any dead plants, and keep up your weeding work. Although you’re not striving for perfection, your guests will enjoy a nicely kept garden as much as you do.

Give the Deck Some Needed Attention: If your deck looks a bit rough after the winter months, thoroughly scrub or power-wash it. Add some touch-up paint where necessary. If you have some extra time, and the weather cooperates, apply a fresh coat of stain. Also, remove any stray nails that could snag guests’ feet or hands.

Most importantly, carefully examine the deck for structural integrity. Address any stability issues immediately, and watch for signs of termites and/or wood rot. If you find something questionable, call in a professional to resolve the problem. Bottom line: you want to create a safe gathering spot for your guests, so don’t ignore this issue.

Provide Comfortable Seating for Your Guests: Although guests will enjoy chatting at the drink and snack tables, they’d like a comfortable seat while they consume their plateful of tasty food.

Before your family and friends arrive, arrange your chairs into inviting seating groups. If necessary, buy a few inexpensive chairs so everyone has a place to rest their feet. Finally, remember to wipe down the chairs before the party, especially after a recent rain or high pollen event.

Prep Your Grill and Fire Pit: Give your grill some TLC prior to the party. Scrape old food scraps off the cooking surfaces and drip trays. Clean the cooking surfaces according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and ensure that your grilling tools are also super clean.

Next, turn your fire pit into a desirable gathering spot. Dispose of old wood scraps and/or ashes, and bring in a fresh stock of seasoned wood. Arrange several chairs at a safe distance, so you and your guests can enjoy the fire’s glow without getting too hot.

Minimize Your Biting Insect Risks: Keep the mosquitoes, biting flies, and other pesky insects from feasting on your food – or your guests. First, banish the bugs’ breeding spots by dumping any standing water on your property. Before guests arrive, burn citronella candles, provide a good bug spray, and consider several well-placed fans.

Plan Some Kid-Friendly Activities: If your guests will include children, provide them with some kid-friendly activities they’ll enjoy. Cornhole, horseshoes, and flying disc games are always good options.

Once your Murphy, NC yard, grill, and fire pit are ready for those summer feasts, get your warm-weather clothes and flip-flops ready. Then, enjoy mingling with your family and friends while you savor some delicious food and ice-cold drinks. We’ll see you at the party!

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