6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Murphy, NC Home Shine

With spring’s arrival just a few weeks away, you’ve got the urge to give your Murphy, NC home a big cosmetic makeover. In other words, you’re gearing up for some serious spring cleaning. To keep from getting overwhelmed by the project ahead, break the work into manageable chunks. Plan to begin with tasks common to each room, and then put the finishing touches on specific parts of the house.

Next, gather your cleaning tools and supplies, plus plenty of paper towels and/or rags. Include a set of sturdy rubber gloves to protect your hands, along with a mask if you’re sensitive to chemical smells. Then, crank up your favorite playlist and give your home some timely TLC before warmer weather begins.

Checklist for Every Room

Make your job easier by banishing the clutter from each room. If often-used items are out of place, put them away. If you haven’t used an item recently, or you’re tired of looking at the same old lamps and accent pieces, donate them to make room for something new.

Next, clean every surface you can safely reach. Wipe down the walls, baseboards, doors (and doorknobs), light fixtures, switchplates, registers, and vents. Remove dirt and signs of wear from the floors and carpets. Wash or dry clean your curtains, and refresh your blinds with the proper cleaner. Dust the lampshades, or carefully vacuum them with a small attachment. Wash the windows and screens, if you can safely do so. Finally, check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries, and replace them if necessary.

Refresh the Living Room

Give your upholstered furniture a new lease on life. Following the manufacturer’s directions, deep-clean your couches and chairs, giving them a fresh-looking appearance at a minimum cost. Next, wash your colorful throws and accent pillows, paying close attention to each item’s care instructions. When you’ve completed that task, consider a new furniture layout that gives the room an updated look.

Clean and Organize the Kitchen

Chances are, your kitchen appliances get quite a daily workout. To help prolong their useful life, treat these busy machines to a deep-cleaning session. Tackle your refrigerator and freezer (and don’t forget the fridge coils), before turning your attention to the stove and oven. When you’re finished, spiff up the microwave and other small kitchen appliances.

After making your kitchen equipment sparkle, restore some order to your cabinet shelves and drawers. Discard or donate unnecessary items, and clean each storage space before you organize the dishes, utensils, and cooking supplies. In the pantry, throw away expired or questionable food, and clean the shelves before reorganizing the remaining cans and bottles.

Brighten Up the Bedrooms

To spritz up your master and guest bedrooms, first remove your winter-season bed linens for washing or dry cleaning. Clean each bed’s mattress and pillow, also washing the casings if applicable. Ensure that your spring comforters, blankets, pillow shams, and bed skirts are fresh and clean before placing them on the beds.

Next, organize the dressers and nightstands, giving you easier access to your clothes and personal items. Finally, straighten up your closets, preparing for the switch to a spring/summer wardrobe for the upcoming warmer months.

Give the Bathrooms a Boost

Your bathroom is probably the most heavily used room in the house, so give it some well-deserved attention. First, scrub down the shower compartment walls and shower head. Next, replace the shower curtain or clean the glass doors until they shine.

Now, move on to the medicine cabinet. Discard old product containers before carefully cleaning the cabinet’s glass shelves. Arrange your family’s toiletries so everyone can easily find their favorite items. Finally, bring some order to the linen closet, organizing the numerous towels and sheets into defined groups.

Scrub Down the Laundry Room

Although the laundry room functions as your home’s “Clean Clothes Central,” this often-used space likely needs some TLC of its own. For starters, clean your washing machine with a manufacturer-approved solution. Next, remove everything from the room’s shelves and storage areas, and banish the dust and lint that seem to thrive there. Finish up this ambitious operation by damp-mopping the laundry room floor.

Although cleaning your Murphy, NC home will take time and elbow grease, you’ll give your house a fresh appearance for the spring and summer months. In fact, consider throwing a party to share the great results with your family and friends.

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