5 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home in Murphy, NC

Selling your Murphy, NC home can provide a great opportunity. Maybe your circumstances have changed, and it’s time to transition to a new chapter in your life. Or, you’ve decided you love living in our beautiful mountains, but you’d like to enjoy the experience from a different house. Regardless of the reason for selling your home, you’ll increase your chances of success by making the property look attractive to potential buyers. Read on for five things to do before listing your home that will really help your home to shine.

Clutter has a way of taking over your house. Like many sellers, you wedge a few extra books onto the shelves, add several countertop kitchen gadgets, and sandwich more clothes into your closets. From your perspective, you’re simply taking advantage of your home’s generous storage capacity. However, prospective buyers might see your home as “cluttered,” negatively impacting their view of your living space.

To give your Murphy, NC home a more spacious feel, relocate a substantial portion of your family’s “stuff” before listing your property for sale. Move your surplus belongings to a relative’s or friend’s house, or rent a storage locker until your home sells. Afterward, potential buyers will likely see a more welcoming environment with plenty of room in which to put their own possessions.

To give your Murphy, NC home’s interior a brand-new look, apply a coat of neutral-toned paint throughout the house. Remember, although you might absolutely love your current color scheme, potential buyers want to visualize their own dream home. So, give them a blank slate on which they can paint their own picture.

Likewise, if your family has traipsed over the carpets for years, the rugs are likely looking somewhat worn. For an economical make-over, rent a carpet-cleaning machine and remove accumulated dirt and stains. If your inspection reveals less-than-ideal results, replace the carpet and padding. Freshen hardwood or laminate floors with an approved cleaner. Finally, before showing appointments, sweep up dirt and animal hair.

Maybe your “To Do” list has been growing rather than shrinking, and you look for any excuse to avoid completing those annoying small projects and repairs. However, potential buyers will likely notice any imperfections that could detract from an otherwise positive impression of the property you’re trying to sell.

So, make a checklist of outstanding projects. Repair those dripping faucets, give your kitchen cabinets brand-new knobs or handles, and clean those smudged doors and electrical switch covers. Repair or replace cracked windows, and clean all glass inside and out. Afterward, cross these items off the list, and have your project results inspected by an objective friend or family member.

Next, create an appealing home environment so potential buyers can start to visualize themselves enjoying the house. Hire a reputable home stager to accomplish this important task – before listing your property for sale. These savvy professionals will view your house with a buyer’s eye, and can maximize your home’s assets before it hits the market.

For example, let’s say you’ve filled your home with furniture that reflects your style and color preferences. The stager might reduce the number of pieces, arrange them for optimum traffic flow and a roomier feel, and add some neutral touches. If you’ve moved out, and your home is vacant, the stager will likely bring in rented furniture and décor. Using these items, she’ll create inviting “vignettes” that can add a selling point.

If you’re on a limited budget, hire the stager for a personal consultation. He’ll objectively view your home, answer questions, and make a list of recommendations you can implement yourself for less money.

When a potential buyer meets their realtor for a showing appointment, they’ll see your home’s exterior first. To give them a good first impression, touch up peeling paint or power-wash the siding (or hire a professional to perform the work). If your walkway and/or steps show signs of deterioration, fix them promptly for cosmetic and safety reasons.

Next on the list: spruce up your front lawn (if applicable), enlisting help from a landscaping service if needed. If your flower garden looks neglected, add colorful new plants that will catch visitors’ attention while doubling as a selling point. If your region’s growing season has ended, perform wrap-up maintenance on your beds. Add a layer of mulch where appropriate.

Remove yard debris from patios and decks. Scrub down dirty railings and/or walking surfaces, and stain the deck if necessary. Clean your grilling station or outdoor kitchen, and remove stains and/or tree debris from outdoor furniture. To keep your property looking its best, perform another brief landscape appraisal before each showing appointment.

After using our list of 5 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home to prepare your Murphy, NC property for sale, contact a top-notch real estate agent to get the ball rolling. For the best outcome, call The Poltrock Team’s experts. With unparalleled client service, plus a proven record of results compared to other agents, this five-person team can handle your home sale from listing through closing. In fact, get ready to be delighted with your home sale experience. To get started, just give us a call. We look forward to working with you!

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