5 Reasons Why Murphy, NC Is the Best Place to Buy a Carolina Mountain Cabin

Deciding where to buy your North Carolina mountain cabin is like combing through a box of chocolates. You examine every delectable-looking piece, savoring its visual appearance and fragrance before selecting the most appealing option. As you enjoy your reward, you know you made the perfect choice.

Likewise, you’ll consider several different factors when choosing your mountain cabins location. Of course, you want a beautiful and peaceful setting, but within easy driving distance of grocery stores and other shops. When you travel to town, you’d like a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel welcome. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you want varied options for yourself and your kids (or grandkids). And finally, you’re looking for an affordably priced property, leaving you plenty of discretionary income to enjoy the finer things in life.

Believe it or not, Murphy, North Carolina checks all the boxes when it comes to choosing your cabins location. Yes, we’re a bit biased, as we thoroughly enjoy living in this beautiful part of the world. And, we’re happy to share the five factors that make Murphy (and surrounding Cherokee County) so special:

Historic & Peaceful Mountain Town
Murphy’s long, colorful history gives this small mountain town an appealing flavor. Originally visited by Spanish explorer DeSoto, and long inhabited by Cherokee Indians, Cherokee County was largely populated by hardy settlers who built towns along the area’s scenic rivers. These enterprising people established farms that utilized the valley’s ideal growing conditions, and they also began a profitable logging industry.

As regional commerce grew, a thriving town sprang up along the confluence of the Hiwassee and Valley Rivers. Originally called Huntington in 1835, Murphy was renamed for politician/trader Archibald Murphey around the same time. In 1839, the town officially received its current name. Also during that year, part of adjacent Macon County became Cherokee County. In 1851, Murphy became the Cherokee County seat.

During the late 1800s, the extension of the Western North Carolina Railroad broadened Murphy’s options for transporting raw materials and finished goods. In addition, convenient passenger train service enabled area residents to more easily visit friends and family in other mountain towns. Workers and businesspeople also frequently utilized the region’s passenger trains.

As the decades passed, the Town of Murphy continued its steady growth despite being relatively isolated from regional commercial hubs. Finally, in 1938, Murphy and Cherokee County received electrical service, giving area residents and businesses a modern convenience and a valuable tool for continued economic growth. Today, this peaceful western North Carolina mountain town has become a sought-after haven for those who enjoy living in a beautiful natural setting while enjoying a slower pace and enhanced quality of life.

Memorable Views Around Every Turn
Maybe you want to escape the city and you have your sights set a few hillside cabins, where you can enjoy a glass of wine on the deck while viewing layers and layers of blue skies and mountain peaks. Or, you might prefer a vantage point above a river or creek, giving you a bird’s eye view of the cool water rushing over the river rocks.

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve always wanted to own a farm, with a comfortable home nestled in the middle of gently rolling pastures dotted with grazing cows. Or, your ideal mountain home might be tucked into a cozy hollow, where you’re surrounded by the forest and your neighbors include deer and wild turkeys.

Finally, let’s say you choose a home right in the town of Murphy, where you’ll enjoy shopping and other conveniences just a few minutes from your front door. You can still find memorable views of soaring mountains, rushing rivers and creeks, and peaceful farms right here in Cherokee County. If you’d prefer a day trip, pack some snacks and drinks and savor the views from the nearby north Georgia mountains or from Cherohala Skyway to the north.

Friendly, Welcoming People
Imagine living in a town where passers-by say “hello” and local store owners greet you with a smile. When you visit a local eatery for breakfast, your server makes you feel welcome and keeps your coffee filled throughout the meal. And when you drive along the many scenic, winding roads, other drivers often acknowledge you with a friendly wave above the steering wheel.

Surprisingly, these pleasantries still exist in small-town America, and you’ll often find them in Murphy and in surrounding Cherokee County. It’s a refreshing change from an often-impersonal big city where your identity is often determined by your account numbers.

Outdoor Activities for All Ages
Whether you enjoy a leisurely hike along a maintain trail, or prefer high-energy mountain biking or kayaking, you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities just a short drive from Murphy. In fact, Murphy’s cooling River Walk is just steps away from downtown, and you can bring your dog along for the fun. If you have a canoe, use a convenient put-in and experience the River from another perspective. Afterward, savor a picnic lunch at nearby Koneheta Park.

If a day of blue skies and fishing is your idea of relaxation, cast your line at beautiful Cherokee Lake or Hanging Dog Recreation Area, both within Cherokee County. Hanging Dog also boasts some good mountain biking trails. And if you’ve always wanted to try whitewater rafting, head to the nearby Nantahala River for an exciting guide-led ride. Kayakers also enjoy the Nantahala, along with eastern Tennessee’s Ocoee River that offers higher-level challenges and thrills.

Finally, Murphy and Cherokee County also offer outdoor activities for the younger set. Kids (or grandkids) can stroll through nature on Murphy’s River Walk, or choose a short, leisurely hike on a nearby forest trail. Wagonmaster Adventure Ranch, located in western Cherokee County, offers numerous pick-and-choose outdoor adventures. And just a few miles to the northeast, the town of Andrews’ Recreation Park has plenty to occupy energetic children.

Many Types of Affordable Homes
Many Types of Affordable Homes in Murphy, North Carolina
If you have your heart set on one of the popular a cozy compact cabins, you’ll find a nice selection in Murphy and surrounding Cherokee County. Or, maybe you’ve always dreamed of a real log or log-sided home with a stunning mountain view – or a charming chalet tucked into a wooded hollow. Or, indulge your preference for rustic elegance by treating yourself to a grand mountain home with upscale appointments and sweeping views.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve always been intrigued by traditional homes featuring classic styling and impeccable landscaping. And with lakefront property just a short drive from downtown Murphy, you can enjoy lakeside living while staying close to shopping and other services.

Maybe you’ve been visualizing your dream home for quite awhile, and you’re ready to build once you find the perfect piece of land. Here in Murphy, North Carolina and Cherokee County, you’ll find scenic lots with great views, along with expansive parcels comprising hundreds of acres.

Murphy’s five impressive advantages make it the clear choice for your Carolina mountains cabin. To realize your own dream of living in the mountains, find Murphy, North Carolina cabins for sale and get the ball rolling: https://ilovemurphy.com/?s=murphy+nc+cabins.

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