5 Must-Haves When Searching for a Realtor in Murphy, NC

When you’re buying or selling a Murphy, NC home, choosing the right realtor is key to achieving a positive outcome. If you’re selling, working with a market-savvy, accomplished professional means your home will receive a targeted marketing plan – similar to launching a brand-new product.

Best of all, you’ll be an active partner in the process, as your agent will share their marketing strategy and provide regular updates. If you’re prepared to get the ball rolling, here are five “must haves” tips for finding this “cream of the crop” real estate professional.

Look for Extensive Local Knowledge

Although realtors frequently represent residential and commercial properties across your regional market, you’ll get the best results with a real estate business expert who has up-close knowledge of your immediate area. In other words, they must be intimately familiar with your community – rather than depending solely on published reports and online research for their information.

If you’re purchasing a home with your family, you’ll want “must haves” details about school quality, recreational options, and medical services. If you’re selling a house, you’d like specifics about comparable home sales in your area. Regardless of your goal, a well-rounded realtor should be informed about planned commercial developments, apartment communities, retail businesses, and expanded infrastructure that could influence your quality of life.

Find a Market Data Master

If you’re selling a home, your realtor will greatly benefit from statistics-based information about current real estate business conditions and historical sales trends for your area’s homes. For example, the National Association of Realtors provides monthly reports that detail national and regional existing-home sale prices, listing figures for the past 12 months and annual totals for the past three years. These “must haves” results will help your real estate consultant to set a realistic sale price and effectively market your Murphy, NC property to possible buyers, including those desiring to move from an apartment into their own home.

Although a reputable real estate agency will likely provide targeted industry reports to its realtors, a dedicated real estate professional will dig deeper. Whether subscribing to additional reports, or conducting frequent analyses of your local area, they’ll look for any advantage that will help their clients to achieve better results.

Expect a Well-rounded Advertising Campaign

When you’re ready to sell your Murphy, NC home, you want to work with a realtor who can make your house stand out in an often-crowded market. A successful real estate professional knows that a well-rounded advertising program can attract the buyers you want. Equally importantly, this accomplished pro views advertising as a valuable business investment that often leads to a faster sale.

For starters, the realtor’s company should list your Murphy, NC home on their professionally built website. Visit the site with a buyer’s eye, and ensure that an interested viewer can quickly find your home via easy-to-use search menus, and on Zillow and other multiple listing services. To enhance that website presence, your realtor should provide you with a tailored advertising program designed to reach your target market. Conversely, avoid a real estate agent who relies on the “list it and wait for the phone to ring” approach.

Insist on Professional Photography and Videography

When selling your home, you want the realtor to present the property in the best possible light to potential buyers. To accomplish that goal, the realtor’s company should engage the services of a professional photographer with proven real estate experience. To gauge the company’s commitment to its clients, view the firm’s in-house listings on its website. Ideally, all listed homes will feature a selection of well-composed interior and exterior photos that accurately showcase each property.

To enhance a property’s appeal, a growing number of realtors also offer a professionally produced video. A skilled videographer has a remarkable eye for your property’s top selling features, and will tastefully showcase them using the latest technology. To really make your Murphy, NC home stand out among competing houses, especially luxury homes, some agents contract for drone footage that provides a bird’s eye view of your house and surrounding landscape.

Search for a Superb Support Team

Even a top-notch baseball or football player must rely on fellow team members to help him make that play or score that touchdown. Likewise, even a high-achieving realtor can’t take proper care of his clients while he’s processing listings or tracking down property closing paperwork. In other words, a realtor needs a world-class support team behind her, enabling her to focus on serving her clients.

Look for a realtor with a backup team that includes a Listings Coordinator and Closing Coordinator, along with a team member focused on marketing support. Once your realtor has these valuable team members in place, he or she is well positioned for success. If you’re buying or selling a home in Murphy, NC or the surrounding area, The Poltrock Team’s dedicated agents and support professionals are ready to help you get the results you want. We look forward to working with you!

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